It’s Not Too Late To See Electrify Expo, the All-Electric Auto Show — Or, Put It on Your Calendar for 2023

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What’s better than a try-before-you-buy auto show?

We’ve been excited about Electrify Expo since we first heard about it: An all electric auto show focused on ride-and-drives, informational exhibits, helpful experts and fun experiences. You can dive into electric car life head first, get all your questions answered and get excited about making the jump to the electric car life.

And, there are a lot of new cars to drive. A LOT.

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Electrify Expo'S Bike Track Gives Attendees A Nice Long Journey To Learn Electric Bike Riding

Electrify Expo’s bike track gives attendees a nice long journey to learn electric bike riding. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Cars and Bikes and Scooters, Oh My!

Last year, tens of thousands of people got their first electric car test drive at Electrify Expo. And, they got to ride electric bikes and scooters. The show ends its 2022 run in Austin, winding down on Sunday, November 13. At this event car shoppers can also dive into the world of customized electric cars, electric off roading, home charging and more. 

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Lexus Rz Models Are Not On The Track, But You Can Get A Good Look At Electrify Expo

Lexus RZ models are not on the track, but you can get a good look at Electrify Expo. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Also at the Austin event, attendees will have the chance to test drive vehicles from Lucid, Polestar, Volvo, Kia, Volkswagen and BMW. 

If You Think On-Road Is The Only Want To Drive Electric, Volcon Begs To Show You Different

If you think on-road is the only want to drive electric, Volcon begs to show you different. Photo: Scotty Reiss

This is Where the Industry Comes to Learn, Too

To kick off Electrify Expo, hundreds of executives from around the country and across the industry attended a conference to discuss what still needs to be done to drive electric car sales, why consumers are hesitant, how government incentives will help and how electric cars will be repaired. Kia’s James Bell shared that Kia is collaborating with KB Homes on a community in California that is built off the grid; Kia is not just selling cars to these homeowners, but leaning what drives their habits when it comes to electric cars. And Stephanie Brinley of S&P Global shared that by 2030 there will be 10 million electric cars sold a year in the US. That’s quite a jump from less than a million in 2021. Clearly, automakers are prepping for a very different world in the near future. 

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Electrify Expo Brings The Exclusive Lucid Air To The Ev Interested

Electrify Expo brings the exclusive Lucid Air to the EV interested. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Can’t attend Electrify Expo? 

Head to an auto show near you this year. You’ll find electric cars at the Seattle Auto Show, the Los Angeles Auto Show, the Washington DC Auto Show, the Chicago Auto Show, the New York Auto Show and others, as well as smaller electric mobility shows that are popping up around the country. 

And so you can plan ahead, here is the Electrify Expo schedule for 2023:

  • May 19-21:          Long Beach, CA
  • June 24-25:        San Francisco, CA
  • July 22–23:         Washington D.C.
  • Aug 12-13:          New York, New York
  • Sept 9-10:           Seattle, WA
  • Oct 14-15:           Miami, FL
  • Nov 10-12:          Austin, TX
Lexus Rz Models Are Not On The Track, But You Can Get A Good Look At Electrify Expo

Lexus RZ models are not on the track, but you can get a good look at Electrify Expo. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Events like this are the a great way to shop around and to learn about electric cars. Almost as good as reading our reviews and watching our videos before taking a test drive!

You Can Even Take A Photo With That &Quot;Other&Quot; Electric Car Company

You can even take a photo with that “other” electric car company. Photo: Scotty Reiss

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