Lucid Motors Introduces Air: The Long-Lasting EV You Haven’t Heard Of

Lucid Motors
2021 Lucid Air models currently available for pre-order ? Lucid Motors

More and more automakers are looking into the electric vehicle game.

Consumers are growing more conscious of sustainability but there have been drawbacks—mainly when it comes to battery range. If you’ve been thinking of going EV but anxious about your long-term commute, then you’re not alone.

Lucid Motors

2021 Lucid Air models currently available for pre-order ? Lucid Motors

Round Trip From New York City To Washington D.C. on a Single Charge

That’s where Lucid Motors comes in. The company has been teasing a car called the Air for almost four years, but it’s finally hitting the production cycle for 2021 later this year. And its most exciting feature has to be its long-lasting battery, which Lucid Motors predicts will provide 517 miles of range with its top-of-the-line configuration. That’s enough to drive from New York City to Washington D.C. and back. And you’d still have miles to spare.

A large range is important for EVs for a pretty simple reason: North America doesn’t have a charging infrastructure that rivals that of gas stations. EV owners need that long range to give them a bit of leeway because they can’t just charge up anywhere. And what’s more, Lucid has assured drivers that they’ll be able to plug their Air into a fast-charging station for 20 minutes and receive a 300-mile recharge; you won’t have to worry about parking somewhere overnight just to get a decent charge.

Many base model EVs have about 200-250 miles of range. Hop over into the luxury category, and cars like the Tesla Model S can offer up to 390 miles—but that’s nowhere near what Lucid is promising with its Air, and it sounds as if the two will be in a similar price range. A Model S starts at $80,000 while the 2021 Lucid Air starts at $72,500 with its 400-mile range option.

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2021 Lucid Air

The Lucid Air Dream Edition’s interior is designed to be both elegant and user-friendly. ? Lucid Motors

A Configuration For All Your Needs

Before we get much further, it’s important to note that there are four configurations that each include different assets, depending on what you’re looking for. Interestingly, the most basic—and therefore cheapest—model, the Air, will be the last to be released (sound familiar Model 3 deposit holders?). It’ll come in 2022 instead of 2021, as the other configurations will, is the model that will cost around $72,000.

On the next rung of the luxury ladder is the 2021 Lucid Air Touring, which starts at $95,000 and includes a 400-mile range with a fairly high horsepower that will likely appeal more to automotive enthusiasts than the average consumer. It also includes a basic level of what the company calls DreamDrive, which is an advanced driver-assistance program. Its most basic level will help drivers maintain highway speed, secure a parking space, and avoid making contact with anything hiding in blind spots.

Even more luxurious is the 2021 Lucid Air Grand Touring, which is designed to produce maximum range for drivers who do a lot of long-distance commuting. It’s the model with the 517-mile range, and it boasts an impressive sound system, a $139,000 price tag, and the promise of Level 3 DreamDrive assistance, which has yet to be released by Lucid.

Topping out the line is the 2021 Lucid Air Dream, which has sacrificed range for horsepower. This is definitely a configuration for experienced enthusiasts who are familiar with controlling a powerful car. It’s limited edition and will likely be scooped up by folks looking for a track day car.

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2021 Lucid Air

2021 Lucid Air DreamDrive graphic describing its features ? Lucid Motors

Broaching Hypercar Territory

The word “hypercar” can be intimidating for the typical car buyer since it conjures up images of sleek, multi-million dollar machines that are meant less for driving and more for flaunting at car meets and race tracks. But the 2021 Lucid Air purportedly has a top-range version that will garner over 1,000 horsepower. Basically, that just means it can provide a very fast acceleration time and can provide a more challenging drive for enthusiasts.

But if that doesn’t sound like the kind of thing you’re interested in, don’t worry: Lucid has given thought to everyone. The most basic model it’s offering for configuration, the 2021 Lucid Air Touring, has just over 600 horsepower, which means it’ll benefit from a punchy acceleration but still maintain the benefits of a lower horsepower model: it’ll be more efficient, more affordable, and far safer.

That said, this may not be your type of car if you’re not familiar with driving a higher powered machine. Lucid’s goal with the Air is, basically, to break down a lot of myths about electric vehicles. 

EVs no longer have to be tiny, lightweight, and underpowered; constant innovation in the field has enabled more and more companies to start thinking beyond the basics. Batteries can be more powerful and last longer. The cars themselves can go faster and look sleeker. Lucid is capitalizing on all of those recent discoveries by launching a car that runs well but doesn’t cost a ton of money.

That said, we did note that Lucid’s most basic model doesn’t yet include any specs and will be arriving after its more decked-out siblings in 2022. There’s a chance the Lucid Air will have one model that’s toned down enough for those of us looking for a luxury EV that doesn’t sacrifice range.

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The Lucid Motors Future? Not Just Air, But Gravity, too

If you’re looking for a luxury EV but feel that a sedan just isn’t going to meet your needs, don’t worry—Lucid has announced an upcoming SUV project for 2023. Called Project Gravity, there are very few details about this particular machine floating around, but we can expect a beautifully designed SUV replete with Lucid’s long range. We’ll just have to be patient to learn more.

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