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Sleep Driver
Get some sleep to stay safe on the road. Photo: Unsplash
March 15, 2024
Better sleep is the best way to prevent a car crash, research from Nissan found. The company studied brain health…
Roadside Crashes
A Girls Guide to Cars Founder Scotty Reiss shared about her childrens' brush with roadside danger. Photo: Liv Leigh
February 16, 2024
Roadside crashes happen at an alarming rate every year. Emergency Safety Solutions is trying to reduce these numbers by creating…
Teen Driver Rules; Car Tips For Back To School; Safety Tips
Teen drivers need to understand safety rules and your rules for using the family car. Photo: Rebecca Darling
October 18, 2023
It's Teen Driver Safety Week, time to update teens on driving risks, rules of the road, safety apps and technology,…
Safest Cars
This crashed Honda HRV is among the Safest Cars
October 1, 2023
I witnessed a horrible car accident and I'll never see things the same again. But the lives of those involved?…
Car Seats Are So Easy. Photo: Jill Robbins
Car seats are so easy. Photo: Jill Robbins
September 23, 2023
Traveling with kids means traveling with car seats. Here are our favorites for older kids: all-in-one seats that won't slow…
Car Crashes Are The Leading Cause Of Death For Children, As Well As Non-Crash-Related Injuries. Car Safety Seats Help To Keep Children Safe In Cars.
September 19, 2023
Are your kids car seats properly installed? Are they up to date? Are you protecting your kids from other dangers?…
A Girls Guide To Cars | You Need A Car Emergency Kit. Here'S What To Put In It - Car Emergency Kit Fire Extinguisher Amazon Jill
See where this little fire extinguisher fits? Photo: Amazon
September 15, 2023
No matter how much you love being in your car, you'll love it less if you're stranded. Keeping an emergency…
Get's carpool season! Photo: Maria Smith
August 31, 2023
If you feel like an Uber for kids, a carpool can be a sanity saver. Our rules for carpooling with…
Child In Front Of Honda Passport
? Jill Robbins
August 12, 2023
As the mercury rises, more kids and pets are in danger of heat-related injuries or deaths in a hot car.…
Jeep Wave Featured Image
Jeep Wave Featured Image
August 2, 2023
The "Jeep Wave" is more than just camaraderie; it's a program that keeps Jeeps in tip top shape as you…