About A Girls Guide to Cars, the Best Car Site for Women

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We are a community, and we are powerful.

That’s because women buy or influence the purchase of 85% of all cars. Without us, the auto industry would not thrive.

Realizing this, A Girls Guide to Cars was created to be the best car site for women, bringing together a community of writers, influencers, friends and women who buy, care for, and live their lives in and around their cars: her car, the family car, her teen’s car and often the cars of friends or family. We are dedicated to sharing car purchase information, experiences and stories, told from personal points of view and focusing on what is important in a fun, smart, advice-from-your-best-friend way.

These unbiased, honest and personal stories of cars and our lives in them will empower you to be a smarter and happier  car owner.

Our Team

Scotty Reiss

People ask how she got into the auto business, but actually, the auto business found her. Never a car enthusiast or fanatic, she co-founded SheBuysCars in 2013 and realized that the car world, which seemed so closed off to women, was a wonderful place for a girl to blossom. Five years later, A Girls Guide to Cars refocused that mission with a fun, fresh and informative new appeal.

A writer, editor and journalist, Scotty began and has written for the New York TimesForbesPureWowParents, Good HousekeepingCosmopolitan and Adweek, among others. She is the co-author of Stew Leonard, My Storya biography of the founder of the iconic grocery company Stew Leonard’s. In addition to her writing, Scotty produced the American Express Publishing Luxury Summit, PRWeek magazine’s annual conference and a series of Luxury Marketing Council events.

Scotty also serves as a World Car Awards juror and Vice Chair; is a member of the board of the International Motor Press Association and  formerly served on the board of Women in Automotive.

Scotty, who owns an Infiniti QX50, a VW Tiguan and a Hyundai Veloster, rarely gets to drive any of them. She lives in Texas with her husband, daughters and dog.

The Cargo Area Of The Lexus Tx
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Sara Lacey

Sara has written about cars since 2005. She used to beat them up with her kids and write about it at the likes of MotherProof.com and Cars.com. Now features editor for A Girls Guide to Cars, Sara is an expert on family cars, 4WD and off-road vehicles, sports cars and electric cars. She deciphers how a car will work in her reader’s lives. Sara lives in Colorado and likes to ski, hike, and watch Formula 1: Drive to Survive. And lots of other shows.

Sara grew up mostly around German cars, but has foundational memories of riding in her family’s 1972 International Scout II through the mountains. She also enjoyed riding in the teeny-tiny backseat of her dad’s 1982 Porsche 911 SC, of which she recently became the owner.

Sara, who drives a Tesla, is married and has two kids. She keeps considering getting a dog, but really just enjoys looking at pictures of puppies.

Erica Mueller

The oldest of 8 kids, Erica spent a few years as the only child. By the time her first brother was born Erica had a collection of Hotwheels that any little boy would be jealous of. A fan of cars from a young age, Erica enjoyed working on the family car with her dad and hanging out in her grandfather’s tire shop.

She may have grown up to be a wife, mom, web developer, freelance writer, photographer, singer, baker, and gardener, but she still loves cars and driving. An expert on pickup trucks, electric cars and family cars, she shares stories on her own site, Texas Drive Blog, contributes to Pickup Truck and SUV Talk and serves on the board of the Texas Auto Writer’s Association Auto journalism is a natural fit for Erica with her background in technology and writing and she’s a proud member of the .

Erica resides in North Texas with her husband, three kids and one dog.

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Connie Peters

Connie started test driving cars as a mom blogger and owner of Modern Mama. When she sold that website in 2019, she began working with A Girls Guide to Cars more regularly out of pure joy and a labor of love. Her role has grown from writer and reviewer to executive producer, social media director and project manager, producing video series content for automotive clients. A member of North West Automotive Press Association, Connie is also a leading automotive content creator on TikTok and Instagram.

Connie is a mom of three girls, two cats and two dogs in suburban Vancouver, Canada.

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Brian Roskelly

Brian, our director of video, is a life-long car enthusiast and visual story teller who is an expert on all things automotive. We like to think of him as our encyclopedia of cars. Brian can also be found at Kelley Blue Book and Alex on Autos. Prior to producing video for us and others, Brian could be found at auto shows and events as a member of the Productions Plus product specialist team.

You can check out his video content at Vision2020 Films on YouTube.

A University of Georgia Grady College of Journalism graduate, Brian lives in Atlanta.