Test Drive Electric Cars, E-Bikes and E-Scooters at Electrify Expo

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Electrify Expo 2022Electric cars are the other hot thing this summer. But this car show has you covered.

With gas prices at record highs, more of us are thinking about electric cars: transportation alternatives that do less damage to our wallets–and to the environment.

 If you are thinking about getting an electric car, scooter or e-bike, the place to get information about home charging, tax breaks and all the electric vehicle intel is at Electrify Expo, North America’s largest EV festival.

It’s a traveling motor show.

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Electrify Expo Locations

2022 Electrify Expo locations

Test Drive Your Dream Car

Not only will attendees see and learn about the latest in electric cars, bikes, scooters and more, but they’ll be able to test drive any and all of the cars at the event. So take a Porsche Taycan for a spin. Hop in the Kia EV6 and pile the kids in the back. Learn to ride a Lime scooter.

Electrify Expo kicked off earlier this year in Long Beach, CA, and will take place July 23-24 in  Seattle’s Husky Stadium.

After that, the show will travel to New York (August 27/28) at Nassau Coliseum, Miami (Oct. 8/9) at Regatta Park and Austin (Nov. 11-13) at Circuit of the Americas.

While some of the details are still coming together for New York, Miami and Austin, we have learned what visitors can expect in Seattle. Most of the top electric vehicles in the market will be there for test drives, including electric cars from Toyota, VW, Kia, Chyrsler, Volvo and more. Among the vehicles you can test drive on a specially designed track are:

Volvo C40 Recharge

This is an elegant and practical hatchback SUV from the brand known for safety and comfort.

KIA EV6 and Niro EV

The EV6 is a compact and sporty SUV with a 300-mile driving range between charges.  Niro is a subcompact SUV with a starting price under $40,000.

Lucid Air –

Cutting-edge design and technology in an elegant and luxurious sedan with the longest battery range (up to 516 miles on a charge) and insane power under the “hood” (up to 800 horsepower).

Polestar 2

Polestar, which began as Volvo’s electric vehicle unit, is now a separate and independent company. You still get Swedish design and dependability in this innovative car with elegant, minimalist design.

Lexus RZ –

This is the newest model in the Lexus line-up, and the brand’s first electric car.

BMW iX and i4 –

BMW is putting all its top- drawer design and technology into its electric cars: the iX is an SUV, while the the i4 is a four-door sedan based on the 4 series (which it looks and feels just like).  Both offer legendary BMW performance and comfort.

Electrify Expo 2022

Experience e-bikes at Electrify Expo

Plus, there are e-bikes, scooters and single-wheelers

Attendees can test out any of these; even kids over 13 can take a spin on many of them. The e-bikes include the Flyer M880, JackRabbit Original, ZuGo Rhino, Aventon Adventure. The scooters include  the UBCO 2X2ADV and the NIU KQi2.

And, then, there are more novel forms of mobility, including:

  • An e-foil from Fliteboard
  • The skateboard-line one-wheeled Onewheel Pint, Pint + and GT
  • An actual skateboard form Metroboard X.0
  • A snowbike from Moonbikes

Electric Motorcycles Are A Delightfully Quiet Thing!

And they are exciting; they are easier to ride, not as loud and very efficient. Attendees in Seattle can ride the ELeS2 Del Mar and the Livewire, the electric motorcycle division of Harley-Davidson. Livewire’s e-bikes are designed primarily for city driving, including commuting and errands, not long road trips. They are as performance-oriented as their gas-powered relatives, but without the throaty rumble.

Electrify Expo 2022

Among the attractions at the 2022 Electrify Expo

What Else to See at Electrify Expo?

In addition to selections of food, beverages and a few shady spots to enjoy them, attendees will also find seminars on EV legislation, range anxiety, the future of autonomous driving, and more. Bring your questions – they’ll be answered.

Electrify Expo is a family event, so there’s a special Kids Zone where youngsters can learn about helmet safety and even test drive kid-sized EV devices on a kid-sized track.

 Rules – because there are always rules

  • You must be 18 and over to drive a car, and present a valid driver’s license.
  • Teens with learner’s permits may test drive scooters, e-bikes and other micromobility products on a closed course with a signed waiver.  Some exhibitors will allow kids 13 and up to demo e-bikes and e-scooters with a signed waiver by an accompanying adult.
  • You must have a motorcycle license to operate Livewire and other brands on the open road courses.
  • Helmets are provided – or bring your own.
  • Only licensed Service pets are allowed.

And one last rule: have fun. How can you not?

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