What to see at the 2022 New York Auto Show 

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In person shopping is back and we couldn’t be happier.

Oh, the glorious days of auto shows in the before times: walking miles of carpeted floors, upbeat music, snacks of hot pretzels and latte, being able to truly size up the Highlander versus the Pathfinder, timing the kids in-and-out of the third row included. 

And then, the pandemic. We had to rely on friends opinions, Facebook polls and customer testimonials only to discover that now we have to buy all new USB cords and no, my oversized water bottle does not fit in the cup holder. 

The benefits of an auto show can’t be underestimated, and for this year, it’s even better at the New York Auto Show: not one but THREE indoor electric car tracks, one outdoor electric car track, Camp Jeep, exotic super cars, celebrity sightings and more. Oh, and new cars that you can cross shop to focus your in person test drives at the dealership. Here’s what to put on your to-do list at this year’s New York Auto Show, or an auto show near you. 

See the Future of Fun On Wheels

You can also see the VW ID Buzz, probably the most exciting new car at the show. It goes on sale in Europe later this year and a slighter larger version with a third row will be on sale in the US next year. And we can’t wait.

We Went for a Spin in the VW’s Electric Bus, the ID. Buzz … and This is Why We Can’t Wait For It!


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Everything You Need to Know About Electric Cars 

The show has partnered with the NY State government to put on a huge exhibit all about electric cars, how to charge them, how to evaluate them and what our future will look like once they are a staple, from electric police cars to busses, ambulances and more. Just image the streets of NYC when filled with exhaust-free cars that are nearly silent, even when driving. They’ll actually be able to lower the decibel level of ambulance and police sirens because since they won’t fight with loud gas engines! I can’t wait for that day. 

You’ll walk away with an idea of how to incorporate an electric car into your life. Hello, future. 

See the Best Electric Cars on the Market Right Now

I’d start the Hyundai Ioniq 5, which just swept the World Car Awards: It took World Car of the Year, World Electric Vehicle and World Design Car of the Year. And, Hyundai’s chief creative office Luc Donckerwolk also was honored at World Car Person of the Year, a huge honor among automotive executives. 

At the New York Auto Show you can see the Ioniq 5 for yourself and take a ride on Hyundai’s own private test track, and once you’re done you can chill in the brand’s luxury suite, reserved for drivers and riders (under 18 must be accompanied by a parent). 


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Take a Thrill Ride in the Mustang Mach- E

Yes. Thrill. Check this out:


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Check Out the Lovely New Electric Car from … Vietnam?!?

Yes, Vietnam!

Whatever You Do, don’t Miss Camp Jeep

It’s back again and better than ever!

But Adventure Also Lives Here

Subaru’s National Park-themed exhibit is better than ever!


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Catch a Celebrity Sighting

I was stunned to see Tracy Morgan hop out of the VW ID Buzz!


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Get Close Up with Elvis’s Lincoln Continental

Lincoln brought this out from the museum and it’s worth the trip to see it.


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See More Before You Go

NYC’s Channel 7 will host an hour long special on the NY Auto Show on Saturday, April 16th. You can catch the entire show and catch snippets from host Lee Goldberg.


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The New York Auto Show runs now through April 24th at NYC’s Javits Center. Get all the details here. And don’t wait! It’ll be over before we know it.

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