What to See at the LA Auto Show, or Your Local Auto Show This Winter

La Auto Show

This is shopping at its best.

We love auto shows because they let us shop the way we like to shop: Browse, ask questions, try things on. At an auto show you can see and sit in all the new cars, learn about new features, compare brands and models and find cars that fit your budget and lifestyle.

You can also take a test drive and put sports cars to the test on a simulator. All without the pressure of a sales person who wants to sell you a car.

We just toured the Los Angeles Auto Show and were wowed by some of the new offerings on display, especially all the electric cars that will be on offer at dealerships soon. And while some of these cars won’t be in the market until later in 2020, it’s worth starting to think about them and when and how they might fit into your life.

This is what is worth seeing at the Los Angeles Auto Show—which runs through December 1, 2019—or most other auto shows this winter.


Mustang Mach E

Probably the biggest news of the LA Auto Show was the reveal of the all electric Mustang SUV. Yes, a Mustang SUV is a bit controversial. And yes, an electric Mustang is a bit controversial. Add them together and you have a lot to talk about. But see if for yourself. We thought (along with quite a few journalists and experts) that the Mach E is a beautiful execution of the idea and we like it: A fast, stylish and affordable electric SUV that is true to its Mustang roots.

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La Auto Show

Porsche Taycan 4S in Frozen Blue Metallic. ?Scotty Reiss

Porsche Taycan

The other big news of the LA Auto Show is the Taycan 4S, which made its debut in Frozen Blue Metallic. We’ll take it home just to stare at the paint, it’s that gorgeous. But under that luscious exterior is a more attainable version of Porsche’s all-electric sedan. Based on the Panamera — you have to look carefully to see the difference — this car is a thrill to drive and a pleasure to be inside. And now you have a choice between the top of the line Turbo, which carries a price tag north of $180K and the 4S, which starts at $103K.

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VW ID Space Vizzion Electric Concept Car

VW has been on a tear lately rolling out electric ID concept cars that will soon be available for sale—though mostly in Europe. Here we’ll see ID Buzz VW van on the streets as a delivery vehicle, and hopefully the ID Space Vizzion, a roomy wagon powered by electricity. Rumor has it this will make it to dealerships in 2022.

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Kia Seltos

Practical can still be fun and edgy, Kia proves. Fresh on the heels of the runaway hit that Telluride has been, Kia rolled out the Seltos compact SUV, a small SUV with big promises: Kia showed it outfitted for off-road adventure and for city chic, and it can fit right in with both places, which is why we love cars like this.

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La Auto Show

The new Land Rover Defender. ?Scotty Reiss

Land Rover Defender

Hello most capable adventure friend, we missed you! The Defender is one of the most iconic off-road explorers, credited with charting new territories and ferrying royals securely and luxuriously across the unpaved countryside. Well, now you can have your own Defender and have it outfitted as you like: It comes in a two-door, four-door, 5 o 6 seats (yes, you can get a jump seat between the two front seats!) and there are a variety of “packs” that let you really outfit your Defender for the life you lead in the city or exploring the country.

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Lexus LC Convertible

Now you can really let your hair down in style. One of the most beautiful sports cars ever is now in a convertible. Summer can’t get here soon enough.

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La Auto Show

BMW M85i Gran Coupe. ?Scotty Reiss

BMW 850 M8 Gran Coupé

We loved this car in its elegant two-door version, but two-door cars can be so inconvenient, especially for those of us who need to drive others around to places, like the dog to the park. So the addition of two more doors makes this uber-elegant luxury car a true contender. And what we love most is that being practical does not mean being frumpy. There is no compromise in style. At all.

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La Auto Show

The newly redesigned Toyota Mirai fuel cell sedan. ?Scotty Reiss

Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell

This is one of those “only in LA” cars that we love and can’t wait to see tooling around our neighborhoods someday: Cars that run on hydrogen. They are emissions-free, sustainable, responsible, quiet, and clean. And, while we have always loved the look of the Mirai, which is based on the Lexus ES, the new Mirai is even more gorgeous.

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La Auto Show

Honda CR-V Hybrid. ?Scotty Reiss

Honda CR-V Hybrid

Compact SUV fans have been waiting for this: The Honda CR-V Hybrid is finally here. And, it’s packaged in a redesigned CR-V that is sharper, modernized and in the hybrid version will have 50% improved fuel economy.

La Auto Show

Toyota RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid. ?Scotty Reiss

Toyota RAV4 Prime Plug-in Hybrid

This is a HUGE YAY. And we are not surprised that Toyota thought to add a plug-in hybrid to the most popular car in its lineup. Now, you can plug in the RAV4 for 39 miles of electric driving, and the electric motor will help the gas engine get even more mileage out of every drop of fuel, for an estimated 90 MPG. So, drive in all-electric all week and let the AWD conquer your weekends.

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La Auto Show

Audi eTron Sport Back. ?Scotty Reiss

Audi e-tron Sportback

Audi introduced the e-tron last year and we applauded that the brand’s first all-electric car would be an SUV. Audi gets us. And now, it’ll be available in a sport back. Audi really gets us. Style matters and that is where the Sportback earns its points. This car is simply gorgeous.

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La Auto Show

Lincoln Corsair plug-in hybrid. ?Scotty Reiss

Lincoln Corsair GT Plug-in Hybrid

Lincoln is on a roll these days, quickly outdoing its latest feat of elegant luxury. The Corsair GT takes this 5 passenger SUV to the next level with a plug-in hybrid that will get 25 miles of electric driving, and deliver a slightly more powerful drive experience. Plus, all Corsair GT owners will have access to a concierge so you can push a button and get directions to the nearest charging station.

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Hyundai Sonata

Yes, we know that Hyundai introduced a fancy new concept car and yes, it’s pretty cool. But we like the redesigned Sonata because very soon you can actually go to the dealer for a test drive and buy this amazingly luxurious sedan for a surprisingly reasonable price (starting about $22K). And, everyone will ask about this swanky new car you’re driving. It’s a true head turner.

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Designer Brakes From Brembo

Yes, there is such a thing a designer brakes! Brembo is the brand that literally every luxury and performance car relies on. You might recognize these iconic brakes, often seen in red or yellow, though many car brands specify a custom color to pair with their models. You can learn more about brakes, see a set of Brembos on a Pagani Huayra and find out why performance brakes do more than just stop your car.

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