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The Lucid Gravity
The Lucid Gravity. Photo: Scotty ReissCredit: Scotty Reiss
April 15, 2024
This all electric 3-row SUV takes a few hints from the ... minivan? YUP. The Lucid Gravity has 3rd row…
Lucid Air Featured Image
January 5, 2024
The California-designed Lucid Air's magic is in the details–the glass roof, innovative controls, superior power and electric range–in a surprisingly…
A Girls Guide To Cars | How Do Automakers Celebrate Pride Month? - Paradefeatured
June 21, 2023
Love is love. We teach our kids acceptance and kindness through unconditional love. We love that automakers show the same…
Lucid Air Touring In Miami
May 16, 2023
24 hours in Miami isn't enough, even when being chauffeured around town in the luxury Lucid Air electric car. Here's…
World Car Awards Jurors Featured Image
March 7, 2023
Which are the best cars in the world? World Car Awards 100 jurors test drive and vote - here are…
Ee Featured Image
November 11, 2022
For the electric car initiated or the interested, Electrify Expo is the auto show for all things that plug in,…