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Electrify Expo Featured Image
Electrify Expo featured image
November 11, 2023
Test drive an electric car. On a track. With a friend. At a festival. Sound like fun? Electrify Expo offers…
Electrify Expo
Wearing comfortable shoes is a must for the Electrify Expo; my trusty Birkenstocks came in handy! Photo: Kim Smith
September 8, 2023
The Electrify Expo is a nationwide event series celebrating electric cars. We plugged into the event, and came away with…
Ee Featured Image
November 11, 2022
For the electric car initiated or the interested, Electrify Expo is the auto show for all things that plug in,…
Electrify Expo Featured Image
September 29, 2022
Electric car curious? Electrify Expo is where you can learn all about them and try other electric mobility rides. What…