2024 Super Bowl Commercials You Just Can’t Miss

Super Bowl car ads are different. They're funny, they're irreverent, they're touching and they let you look into the soul of a brand. And they are here.

Vw An American Love Story
VW An American Love Story. Photo: Volkswagen

Have Your Tissues Handy

I always miss them. I get engaged in a conversation or head to the restroom and miss the funny, irreverent, charming and touching commercials during the Super Bowl.

Usually we share all the good car commercials with you because those are some of the best. However, this year I was ready to skip the annual ritual because, it seemed, automakers were passing on the big game.

But, no. They were just keeping their work a secret. And, several of them are setting a tone with sentimental, heart warming and touching spots that will make you tear up.

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The Rear End Of The Bmw I5Edrive 40 Bmw 5 Series

The BMW i5 has a starring role in the big game. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Why Do I Like a Car Company’s Super Bowl Commercials?

Unlike other brands that simply want to entertain and create a memorable ad, car companies want to set a lifestyle tone. It’s the rare moment they open up and let you see into the soul of the brand. They let you know who they are, how they see people’s lives in their cars, and what life is like when you own one. It’s rare to be able to get close to a brand and understand their view of the world. And it’s the fleeting moment when you can identify — or not — with a brand’s point of view and know whether or not it’s the one for you.

Ads like these are a mini-cinematic experience; a short film with all the deep thinking, high production and finely tuned messages to perfectly and succinctly get across a key point or two. Details on pricing, technology and advantages are left for later; this is really about revealing what the brand is all about. I really appreciate that. I can sort through the details later; first I just want to know if you get me.

These are the ads you’ll see in the 2024 Super Bowl — and no doubt for many months to come, since they are typically re-shown on all sorts of sports and entertainment events for months or years to come.

VW “An American Love Story”

This one really hits home: My parent’s first ‘minivan’ was a VW Bus. I have sweet memories of it then, and later of seeing vintage vans in parking lots with my dad and his memories of what it was like with a young family in that van. I just might cry even before the ad rolls.

Kia: “Perfect 10”

The antidote to absent-parent-on-recital night guilt?

BMW “Talkin Like Walken”

It’s not exactly The Dead Zone, but he does show his sense of humor.

Toyota “Dareful Handle”

It’s like they were in the car when my daughter was learning to drive.

Nissan El Test Drive

This is definitely how you should do it.

So, which one speaks to you?

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