Volvo Gives You a Good Reason to Watch the SuperBowl

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And will give away a car–A CAR!–to a deserving driver through a Twitter contest during Super Bowl XLIX

2015 Volvo V60 Wagon

This could be you: winner of the 2015 Volvo V60 wagon during Volvo’s Super Bowl giveaway

I hate to sound like a typical woman. I really do. But around this time of year, I usually have to ask this question:

Yes, I now know that it’s the Patriots vs the Seahawks and it is on Sunday, February 1st. I’ll probably watch it at someone’s house and eating junk food and root for whoever they’re rooting for (although I’m kinda pulling for the Seahawks because Seattle is a nice city). And if you’re ever remotely active on Twitter during the SuperBowl, you’ll know the big day for a lot of people is really about the commercials that come on during the game. I’m sure there will be a funny and/or touching beer commercial. There will be a GoDaddy commercial that’s sure to offend women. And there will probably be some tech company you’ve never heard of that has an outrageous ad that will be the talk of the internet. For about a week.  

Officially on the road to Tahoe in this beauty with @motorheadmama #v60crosscountry

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The tweets will go crazy and videos will be shared and recaps will be posted on probably 1,000 sites. But one person will have a lasting memory from the day and I don’t just mean the players on the winning team.

Volvo is planning a metaphorical interception during the game on Sunday and it’s motivation enough for me to watch.

Volvo Interception is a socially-driven alternative to game day television advertisements. The effort is an extension of the company’s human centric mindset of putting people first in all areas and is found in the design and technology of all Volvo cars.

What it’s really about is an opportunity for game day viewers to nominate someone deserving to receive a brand new, award winning Volvo XC60. All through the magic of Twitter. Here’s how it works.

The Volvo Interception will begin at 6:30 p.m. ET—on Sunday, February 1. Whenever any car commercial airs throughout the big game, people can tweet with the hashtag #VolvoContest to tell Volvo who they think deserves a brand new Volvo XC60. All eligible tweets will receive a response from Volvo, and each person must then tell why his or her nominee was chosen. Following the conclusion of the entry period, five potential winners will be selected by judges from all entries received.

Some are calling it a brilliant marketing strategy saving Volvo millions of dollars on potential ad costs while capitalizing on other car manufacturers who did spend that money. Simply put, I’m calling it a wonderful philanthropic effort and I can’t wait to see the deserving party in their new Volvo XC60. I know I’ll be tweeting on Sunday!

Tell us who you would nominate on Sunday for a Volvo Interception.

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