Alfa Romeo Greats Sneakers Kick off Super Bowl Weekend

Alfa Romeo brand enthusiasts and football fanatics are in for a treat with these handcrafted Alfa Romeo Greats sneakers, and a chance to win them randomly on SuperBowl weekend.

Alfa Romeo Greats Sneakers
Alfa Romeo Greats sneakers are made in Italy. Photo: Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Greats Sneakers Will Rev up your Wardrobe and Las Vegas on Super Bowl Weekend

Raise your hand if you have a sneaker collection. My closet is stacked with pairs created by Sorel, Reebok, Vans, Converse, Asics, and Italian shoemaker Superga. But I don’t have any from the American luxury sneaker company Greats, and I have my eye on a particular pair that bears the Alfa Romeo name. With spicy, sexy cars and SUVs like the Giulia, Stelvio, and Tonale in the lineup, Alfa Romeo is an iconic Italian brand with style for miles. Cars + sneakers – color makes me happy.

One might not pair American football with this Italian stallion, but the Big Game is where fashion and sports meet when it comes to big, flashy events. We already know a certain superstar pop singer will be there to cheer on her favorite Kansas City Chiefs player; even Vogue published an article called “The Taylor Swift Playbook to Super Bowl Fashion.” Red lips: check. Custom coat: check. Comfortable yet gorgeous shoes: gotta have ‘em.

Inspired by this cultural mashup, Alfa Romeo is set to spread a little fashion magic to random pedestrians through its partnership with Greats in the city where everything converges on Sunday: Las Vegas. If you’ve ever been to that crazy town, you know you need good shoes. And the carmaker is getting ready to pass out a bunch of Alfa Romeo Greats sneakers.

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Alfa Romeo Greats Sneakers

The back detail of the Alfa Romeo Greats sneakers includes the classic Alfa emblem. Photo: Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Greats Sneakers – Stylish Giveaways and More

If you’re in Vegas this weekend, you’ll likely see these limited-edition Alfa Romeo Greats sneakers all over the place. The brand is hosting several celebrities and influencers in Sin City and outfitting them with these cool kicks. Plus, representatives from Alfa Romeo will spring random acts of kindness on unsuspecting people, giving them a pair of limited-edition Alfa Romeo Greats leather sneakers. And 75 pairs will go to a homeless shelter in Las Vegas.

The New York Times says Greats sneakers are “quietly on point, with perfect stitching and full-grain leather that has a subtly glossy finish.” Although the company was founded in Brooklyn, New York, these limited-edition Alfa Romeo Greats sneakers are exclusively made in Italy. They’re white (Blanco in Italian) and stamped with the Alfa Romeo name in script along the side and the brand’s legendary badge on the heel. What better way to break in a pair of shoes than walking toward a car that you love and driving in them?

“Italian style, performance, and sportiness are hallmarks shared by both Alfa Romeo and GREATS, so it was a natural decision to come together in developing an exclusive Alfa Romeo-branded sneaker ahead of one of the world’s biggest sporting events of the year in the entertainment capital of the world – Las Vegas,” said Larry Dominique, SVP, head of Alfa Romeo North America.

Greats was launched over a century after Alfa Romeo, and pairing these two brands means old-school style with modern style. Alfa Romeo, after all, has been squarely focused on the future with its new direction. As evidenced in its newest model, the Tonale plug-in hybrid, Alfa Romeo is aiming for all of its new cars to be electric by 2027. With an eye toward longevity, the 114-year-old automaker is definitely not stuck in the past.

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Alfa Romeo Greats Sneakers

These limited edition Alfa Romeo Greats sneakers are handcrafted with Italian leather. Photo: Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Greats Sneakers are Legendary, Like the Carmaker

Alfa Romeo is much more than shoes, of course, and it’s even more than the cars themselves when it comes to supporting women. The brand has a long history with women in motorsports and has been actively pursuing more female customers in recent years. Take a look back to the Roaring ‘20s, when the brand helped to cultivate the racing career of Maria Antoinetta Avanzo, the first and most famous female race car driver in Italian history. She was racing a Buick when she was approached by Alfa Romeo to join the Alfa Scuderia team, and she placed third in an Alfa Romeo 20-30 ES in 1921.

Avanzo inspired women like Tatiana Calderón, the first Latin-American woman to drive an F1 car as Alfa Romeo’s test driver and the first woman in history to lead a lap in Formula 2. Strong, fierce women like these inspire others in a ripple effect, and Alfa Romeo played a role in giving them a place and a voice doing things they love.

So, if you’re in Vegas this weekend, be on the lookout for stealth Alfa Romeo Greats sneakers giveaways. And if you’re lucky enough to snag a pair, share a photo with us! Check out the Greats site for more kicks; there are tons of choices in a rainbow of colors with price tags ranging from $100 to $200 (pro tip: check out the outlet page for great deals). Or keep your eye on eBay if you have to have them because maybe a pair will show up later on for auction. Nab them if you can; I know I would.

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