Setting the Stage for Ultimate Luxury, Genesis Unveils its X Convertible Concept at Malibu Mansion

Genesis X Convertible Concept

A setting perfectly fit for a luxury concept car reveal.

Genesis hosted an intimate event with attendees from all over North America at a beachfront Malibu home. It was the stunning reveal of the new Genesis X Convertible Concept. The car was stashed in a box perched on a patio in front of the Pacific Ocean.

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Genesis X Convertible Concept

The beautiful front light signifying all-electric. Photo: Connie Peters

When the walls dropped away from the car, the crowd burst into oohs and ahhs, as did I. Genesis revealed a breathtaking design concept that I would drive off down the Pacific Coast Highway today if I could.

The Genesis X Convertible Stunned us All

Genesis always does a spectacular job with both interior and exterior design. The X Convertible is no different. The front lighting features a seamless design that looks simultaneously futuristic and classic luxury. Additionally, the interior is driver-focused and uniquely beautiful with a blue leather and orange contrast.

Genesis X Convertible Concept

The interior is just as stunning as the exterior. Photo: Connie Peters

“Genesis started by producing sedans mainly targeting business users. While creating a new, differentiated design DNA, we gradually increased the emotional appeal by applying this DNA to the SUV typology,” explained Chief Creative Officer, Luc Donckerwolke. “Now, electric powertrains have given us the perfect scenario in which to enjoy nature, and propelled the brand to create vehicles with even greater emotional resonance.”

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Yes, it’s Electric!

Genesis’s X trilogy of electric concept cars is identifiable by the crest lighting on the front grille. The trilogy includes the X Concept, a two-door grand tourer; the X Speedium Coupe, a fastback, and now this X Convertible.


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These cars highlight the brand’s commitment to its electric future. If the design stays remotely intact, it’s going to be a bright one.

Genesis X Convertible Concept

The blue leather and orange contrast is uniquely beautiful. Photo: Connie Peters

Now, the characteristic quad lights (a Genesis design we love) are also present on the X Convertible concept’s ducktail rear end. Also, as with the X Speedium Coupe concept, this lighting design integrates the new EV face and forms the striking appearance of the grille.

Genesis X Convertible Concept

Genesis always does a fantastic design with wheels. Photo: Connie Peters

Wheel design can be subjective and generate strong opinions. Personally, I find that Genesis wheels are always unique.  Most of the time they’re stunning. The wheels on the X Convertible are both. Additionally, they are incredibly sporty, along with those huge brakes.

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Genesis X Convertible Concept

The rear design is signature Genesis. Photo: Connie Peters

“It is the normal development of Genesis to increase the athletic and emotional facet of our design philosophy by creating an emotional trilogy in the X family,” said Luc Donckerwolke. “Innovation is the catalyst to becoming more engaged with the environment around us. We are in the process of transitioning Genesis into a company that will deliver products for customers to enjoy.”

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Can I get a Genesis X Convertible now, Please?

Sorry, but the answer is no. I will wait patiently in the hopes that the X Convertible makes it to market someday. In the meantime, I will continue to drive and enjoy the rest of the Genesis, both gas and electric lineup. Stay tuned for a first drive in the Electric GV60 from me very soon!

Disclosure: I attended the X Convertible reveal as a guest of Genesis Canada. All opinions are my own.

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