Why the Genesis GV70 is a Great Family SUV

2022 Genesis Gv70 Review

Even families with littles can enjoy pampered luxury, right?

The 2022 Genesis GV70 has made quite an impression us, as you can see here, here and here. This luxury SUV is one hot SUV inside and out. But I think what impressed me the most was how family-friendly it is. If you’re looking for something absolutely fine that will also get your family where they need to go, this may be the SUV for you.

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2022 Genesis Gv70 Interior

The center stack is so clean and that gear selector knob looks like cut crystal. Photo: Erica Mueller

The Genesis GV70’s Safety Tech is Over the Top

A lot of vehicles come with some kind of collision warning and automatic braking while driving, but the GV70 also has this technology to help you with parking. I experienced this while parallel parking downtown and while I didn’t really need the help (I could clearly see the vehicle behind me in the mirrors and backup camera view) I think it could be very helpful for those instances when someone steps out behind you in a parking lot, not realizing you’re backing out. It could also help to keep your kids and pets safe as you’re backing out of your garage with limited visibility.

The blindspot view monitor in the driver’s display is another favorite feature on this vehicle. As a mom of littles, I spend a good amount of time in drive-thrus and I love that I can just turn on my blinker and a view of the area beside my car shows me just where the curb is. It also gave me peace of mind when changing lanes on the highway.

The GV70 is a 2022 IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK+. This means it performed admirably in crash tests, crash prevention technology, and headlight performance.

2022 Genesis Gv70

Super comfortable seats, plenty of legroom and window shades make the GV70 a great family vehicle. Photo: Erica Mueller

A New Level of Comfort

The GV70 is such a welcoming SUV. From the moment you open the doors and see the interior for the first time till you step out at your final destination this vehicle cradles you in comfort. Our whole family very much enjoyed the soft leather seats, customizable ambient lighting, and the little design touches that make this vehicle’s interior feel so opulent. I was a bit surprised not to find heated and ventilated seats in the second row, but I was impressed with the window shades that kept the kids comfortable, with the charging options for every passenger and the fact that the back seat didn’t feel like a kid zone. I would have been plenty happy to ride back there myself. The massive panoramic moon roof opens up the interior and offers beautiful views of the sky and treetops.

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2022 Genesis Gv70 Cargo Space

The cargo space in this 2-row SUV is incredible and if you need more you can fold the second row flat! Photo: Erica Mueller

A Family’s Favorite Feature: Cargo Space

When Kid #1 comes along, it’s no big deal. No matter what you drive, there’s room for a child and their gear. But when Kid #2 and Kid #3 come along it’s a whole new ballgame. Suddenly, the family sedan car isn’t going to comfortably haul the family AND the soccer gear. For our family of five with three kids spread over thirteen years, we have a wide variety of items that must come along on every commute. We said adios to the sedan and small SUV a while ago, but with an elongated SUV like the Genesis GV70, we could actually do without the third row thanks to the very large cargo space behind the rear seat. This isn’t a trunk. It is a glorious cavern of space where the stroller, sports gear and groceries can ride in harmony and you can still see out the back window!

2022 Genesis Gv70

Look up! The panoramic moonroof in the GV70 is one of my favorite features. It feels massive and it lets in so much light. Photo: Erica Mueller

It’s More Affordable Than You Think

Having driven a few luxury coupes in the past and having seen many Genesis models at car shows I really expected the price tag on the Genesis GV70 to be upwards of $80k. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this particular car had an MSRP of $50,695 which includes the destination fee. Yes, that’s more than a Toyota Highlander or VW Atlas, but it doesn’t seem crazy when you see just how beautiful and comfortable this car is.

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Disclosure: Genesis sent the GV70 to me to drive for a week. All opinions are my own.

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