The First Genesis Dealership, Genesis of Lafayette, Louisiana, Is Just Daring HBO To Make A Series About It

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Genesis has a new home, and trust us, you want to see it!

Genesis has opened its first standalone dealership in Lafayette, Louisiana. Like a beautiful home you have saved on your Pinterest board, it has gorgeous design details galore. Whether it’s the sales area or the service area, every space feels luxurious. So luxurious, it feels like it might be the key location on some new high-drama HBO show about a luxury brand that hasn’t been invented yet.

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Show Room At Night. Photo: Genesis

Show room at night. Photo: Genesis

The Dealership Design Leans In to the Brand’s Design

“Genesis of Lafayette features distinct brand elements, a transparent, open indoor floor plan, an indoor vehicle delivery area, and infrastructure to support the upcoming portfolio of electrified Genesis models,” a Genesis spokesperson told us. The dealership builds on the newest Genesis space, an innovative property called Genesis House in New York City. Of course, there are similarities between the venues in terms of materials, tone and architecture. And either would make a fantastic backdrop for a family that runs luxury car dealerships, but is embroiled in drama because… Sorry, I’m getting off track.

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Service Lounge. Photo: Genesis

Service lounge. Photo: Genesis

What’s the Big Deal, Anyway?

What you may not know is that the only way to get a Genesis, until now, was by purchasing one through a Hyundai dealership. The opening of a standalone property would indicate that the brand is finally breaking out on its own and warranting a separate space. But the company can’t do it all alone; it takes some insightful and innovative partners who believe in the future of the brand. “Genesis is an exciting brand, and I’m pleased to be investing in its bright future,”¬†said Art LeBlanc, owner of Genesis of Lafayette.

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Genesis Service Garage. Photo: Genesis

Genesis service garage. Photo: Genesis

Why Does Lafayette Get a Dealership?

Out of more than 300 dealerships, why did Genesis choose Art and Sterling Auto Group? Jarred Pellat, public relations manager for Genesis Motor North America said, “We’ve partnered with Art LeBlanc, who is a fantastic partner for our brand. He has made such a tremendous investment in Genesis and so we’re very pleased to be here in Lafayette, Louisiana for the first-ever Genesis retail facility in the United States. It’s a great community here, we’re very proud of our exceptional products and we’re just so excited to now bring Genesis, in a big way, to the community.”

Sales Area. Photo: Genesis

Sales area. Photo: Genesis

Car and Driver wanted to know the same thing, and spoke with Ted Mengiste, executive director of sales operations for Genesis Motor America. Mengiste said, “Art embodies the kind of dealer we would love to replicate across the country. He believed in the vision of Genesis, he believed in the brand promise, and he committed to it, not just from a facility standpoint, but in the experiences we want our customers to have when they come to our brand.”

Service Advisor Office. Photo: Genesis

Service Advisor office. Photo: Genesis

So What Do I Do If I Want a Genesis Now?

Pellat reminded us that while Genesis is working on building more standalone dealerships, they currently have a full array of remote purchase and service options. There are 298 Hyundai locations that offer Genesis At-Home services including a Genesis Concierge which offers at-home (or place of business) test drives, at-home (or place of business) vehicle delivery, and all locations offer Service Valet for regular maintenance. A representative will come pick your Genesis up from your home or business and leave a loaner for you to drive.

Lafayette Genesis Atrium. Photo: Genesis

Lafayette Genesis Atrium. Photo: Genesis

Will They All Look Like This?

Genesis has not commented on the look of the other dealerships scheduled to open in the near future-six more are already in the early planning stages. If they all look something like this, I’m going to pitch my new show to HBO ASAP.

Decor Details. Photo: Genesis

Decor details. Photo: Genesis

Disclosure: I was a guest of Genesis for this grand opening; travel and accommodations were provided but all opinions are my own.

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