Genesis Partners with Vogue and Monse to Make its Mark in Fashion and Design

Genesis Vogue Featured Image
Genesis Vogue Featured Image

The luxury auto brand’s partnerships cement its place among New York City’s fashion leaders.

The announcement was made at an invite-only event at none other than the brand’s Korean bar and restaurant, Genesis House: The luxury car brand is partnering with Vogue and designer MONSE to create a presence in the fashion world. The event also revealed its redesigned flagship G90 sedan to guests, a beautifully designed sedan that’s classy, chic, and modern.

The very first 2023 G90 was presented to the first customer by COO, Claudia Marquez and Michael Ianelli, president of Genesis (Brooklyn).

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Genesis G90 And Monse. Photo: Genesis

Genesis G90 and Monse. Photo: Genesis

The 2023 G90 is a luxury sedan like no other.

It’s loaded with technology, intricate design work, and style. Guests got a chance to sit inside the G90 to get a feel for the experience it has to offer. A scented cabin, massaging (and reclining) seats, buttery soft leather seats with beautiful stitching and design, and lots of technology.

“We are pleased to begin delivering our new flagship G90 sedan to customers in the United States,” said Marquez. “This event celebrates the bold designs of Genesis and our uncompromising commitment to delivering the latest technologies paired with a seamless purchase and ownership experience for our customers.”

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Fashion Brand, Monse, On Display At The Genesis House. Photo: Lillie Morales

Fashion brand, MONSE, on display. Photo: Lillie Morales

Genesis will hit the runways of New York at Fashion Week.

The brand will be featured in the most anticipated issues of Vogue for every trendsetter: September and October. Aside from ads in the magazine, the brand will strut its stuff in various digital, social media, and podcast sponsorships.

And if that isn’t fashion-forward enough, Genesis announced a partnership with the MONSE fashion label. It’s a young label that was founded by Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia in New York City, in 2015. MONSE is modern, bold, and unique. Its designs are meant to make a statement while being comfortable, flattering, and empowering. It’s a perfect collaboration.

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Genesis G90

The G90 is the perfect accessory to any outfit.

When it comes to their customers, trends in both cars and fashion are important.

With a new campaign theme, “Make Your Mark,” the idea is to target a bolder audience: luxury disruptors. These are individuals who appreciate the finer things but aren’t in the market to become walking billboards. They approach luxury on their own terms. They are bold, trend leaders, and are making their mark in the world. “Make Your Mark” focuses on fashion and design when it comes to customers.

“Tonight is a recognition of those who are making their mark in the world, blazing new trails and setting new trends through their passion and vision,” said Wendy Orthman, executive director of marketing at Genesis Motor America. “Tonight, we celebrate the inspirations and intersections of our passion for mobility design with the worlds of fashion.”

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