Visiting New York City’s Genesis House 

In NYC's stylish Meatpacking District is an oasis of Korean culture: Genesis House. Guests are honored with a Michelin-star experience, traditional tea or a respite on the terrace.

The Genesis House Tea Pavilion
The Genesis House Tea Pavilion. Photo: Genesis

It starts with “Be my Honored Guest”

The defining principle of Genesis, and of its culture-focused hospitality center, Genesis House, is the Korean tradition of “Son-Nim,” or honored guest. 

That’s the goal of Genesis every level, from the Genesis House in New York City to every touch point on their cars and SUVs to the growing network of dealerships to the brand’s signature valet service offered to customers who don’t want to make the trip to a dealer.  

So Genesis built a restaurant and event space in New York’s Meatpacking district in order to host guests in Son-Nim. There they can feel not just honored, but educated and welcomed into what the Genesis brand is all about.

The average Genesis buyer will feel Son-Nim in how Genesis sedans and SUVs are designed and engineered. Genesis focuses on this even in the driving experience, asking, how can the driver’s interests best be served? How can a serene driving experience be created in the cabin? How does this idea extend into dealerships and service? 

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A Display At Genesis House In New York City

A display at Genesis House in New York City. Photo: Jana Askeland

What is the Genesis Lifestyle? 

I had the pleasure of being a ‘Son-Nim’ of Genesis in New York City in October. It was more than simply white glove treatment, and it was felt from the moment I arrived.

My experience began at Genesis House, a unique oasis in the city that has an authentic Korean teahouse, the best stocked Korean bar outside of Korea and a Michelin star dining experience. The street level of Genesis House boasts a number of the brand’s vehicles that allow you to see and touch the cars for yourself. Climb in, feel the leather, touch the metals, let the screens delight you. 

There’s a wall of car doors from several Genesis Models in various paint colors, so you can really see the depth and hue of the colors. And there are leathers and trim samples so you can plan your own custom Genesis palette. 

Product specialists are there to answer questions about the cars, including the electric GV 60. 

Down a flight of stairs (or, take the elevator) and there is a gallery-like event space. Companies can rent the space and have a catered event, a meeting or put on a show. With theater seating, an elegantly finished space and stage, any message, presentation or art exhibit is perfectly framed.

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Fashion Brand, Monse, On Display At The Genesis House. Photo: Lillie Morales

Fashion brand MONSE show alongside car doors displaying paint colors at the Genesis House. Photo: Lillie Morales

Delight the Senses in a Refined, Serene Space 

The Genesis house “showroom” is really about allowing guests the opportunity to experience the Genesis culture in a relaxed and serene environment. So while the automotive space is fun and the theater is impressive, the real attraction is on the second floor.

Journey upstairs to immerse yourself into a distinctly Korean atmosphere. Walls of windows surround the space, letting in glimpses of Little Island and New York’s West Side skyline. Inside, though, the space is modern quiet luxury. 

You’ll immediately be drawn to the Tea Pavilion, a light, welcoming space surrounded with glowing natural wood surfaces and framed overhead by a tea house roof. There you can remove your shoes, relax and borrow a book from the rare book library. Or, experience the ritual of a traditional tea ceremony.

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Genesis House Chefs

Genesis House Chefs. Photo: Genesis

A Michelin Star Dining Experience Awaits

Guests can reserve a table in the modern, elegant dining room. It’s not just a highly acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurant, but a highly curated taste of Korea. Seasonal menus curated by Onjium chefs deliver a range of delights from traditional to modern. Dishes, from kimchi to wagyu beef, abalone and seaweed, are prepared with a modern touch to highlight flavor, texture and presentation.

There is a tasting menu, but guests can also choose from light bites, entrees and dessert, all paired with a world-class wine list or order a cocktail from the largest Korean liquor collection outside of Korea.

The Terrace Garden

The Terrace Garden. Photo: Genesis

A Breath Of Fresh Air 

Terraces are a rare treat in New York City, and one that is spacious, quiet and relaxing is a treasure. So you must step out onto the Terrace Garden to catch the sunset or the breeze from the Hudson River. Overlooking the High Line, with a view of New Jersey and cloistered by neighboring buildings, it’s more of a secret garden in the sky. And a peaceful spot in a busy city.

It’s easy to feel Son-Nim as a guest of Genesis; and even more delightful to sense, taste and enjoy a bit of Korean hospitality at Genesis House, which so beautifully captures the graciousness of Korean culture.

Genesis House Is A Great Place To Learn About Electric Cars

Genesis House is a great place to learn about electric cars. Photo: Jana Askeland

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