The Genesis GV60 Should Be Your First Electric Car

Genesis Gv60 Featured Image

Gv60 Gear Shift

The crystal gear knob on the GV60 is the most unique shifter I’ve ever seen. Photo: Nya Peters

Genesis gets it right. Again.

If you are still wondering if Genesis, the premium arm of Hyundai, is truly a luxury brand, it’s time to take a look and possibly, take the leap. To answer in a word, yes.

Since Genesis became its own car company, it’s revealed beautiful design after beautiful design. They deliver premium features in gorgeous cars that are packed with value and deliver a delightful driving experience. I have driven their entire lineup (apart from the up and coming Electrified GV70) and have been impressed by them all. And that most definitely includes the cute, quirky, innovative and luxurious all electric Genesis GV60.


I am totally in love with this Hanauma Mint color. Photo: Connie Peters

The Joy (and Value) is in the Details

Premium interior details like quilted Nappa Leather (on the top trim), heated and ventilated seats, automatic door locks, a large touchscreen display, advanced driver assistance features and more add to the value in the GV60, which is priced from $59K to $68K and has a driving range of about 240 miles to a charge (depending on the model).

And then, it’s really innovative with interesting and fun features you won’t see in any other car, electric or gas powered.

The GV60’s exterior is unique, and perhaps a bit quirky in its swooping roof line. It lacks the signature Genesis grille, with a smaller more pronounced front end flanked by Genesis signature horizontal headlights. Overall, its modern shape and style is one you can just fall in love with. And, the Hanauma Mint paint color of our test model is one you won’t see on any other car in your neighborhood (unless it’s a Genesis GV60).


Those door handles pop out automatically. Photo: Connie Peters

The Genesis GV60 Reminds Me of Some of My Favorite Hotel Stays

When I think about how the GV60 makes me feel, I realize that being in the GV60 is kind of like staying a boutique hotel. I love large chain luxury hotels, of course, but a boutique hotel somehow makes me feel a little more special.

This is what makes the GV60 stand out from all the other electric cars I’ve driven recently. It’s unique, it’s a bit quirky, it’s modern, yet very luxurious and enveloping. It’s quiet, soft (it’s those quilted Nappa leather seats), yet exhilarating, like staying in a lovely oasis near the heart of a big city awaiting to be explored.

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The body style is so unique! Photo: Nya Peters

This First Electric Crossover for Genesis is All-New

While its the first electric car from Genesis, the GV60 shares significant elements with the Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6, including iPedal one pedal driving, a super fast charging infrastructure that allows it to recoup up to 80 percent of the battery in 18 minutes at a DC fast charger, and vehicle to load reverse charging so you can use your GV60 as its own power station.

From there, Genesis makes the GV60 pop with higher end interior materials than its cousins. It’s also got more tech.

It starts with the futuristic gear shift knob that resembles a crystal ball. The crystal ball flips when you start the car to reveal a dial gear selector. It flips back when you turn the car off so you can’t see the gear knob when the car is turned off.

Then, the GV60 has facial recognition so you can unlock (or lock), the car by just looking into a small camera on the door pillar on the driver’s side (once you’ve set up the system). Then, touch the fingerprint recognition pad (again, once you’ve validated your fingerprint) and you can start and drive the GV60. When you get where your’e going, turn it off and lock it again using – yes – your face. All this is pretty wild; it’s like a crystal ball into the future of cars–which is now.

Gv60 Interior

The all-white interior is so bright. Photo: Connie Peters

Gv60 Gear Knob

The gear shift knob is a crystal ball turned circle. Photo: Connie Peters

Front Cameras are the New Frontier

One feature that is becoming standardized in luxury and high tech cars is a forward camera view; in the Genesis GV60 it pops up on your screen after you put the car from reverse into drive. It will stay on the screen up to about 10 mph, helping to guide you out of a parking lot or back onto the street after reversing through a parallel spot. What I have never seen before, however, is a 3D side-view of the car I’m driving when I put it into drive. It is a very clear view that helps with navigating parking lots. It took me a minute to get used to, however, if you owned this, you would probably come to rely on it.

Gv60 Boost Button
The white interior with green boost button is a modern combination. Photo: Connie Peters

That Boost Button…What is it Anyway?

The top of the line Performance trim offers a special button that you won’t see on the entry level Advanced trim: at the bottom of the steering wheel (note that the EV6 GT has this same button, as does the Electrified GV70) there is a “boost” button. Tap it for 10 seconds of an extra 54 horsepower and a blast of 516 lb-ft of torque.

Now, I guess, practically speaking, you would use this if you needed to quickly pass another car or merge on to the highway. But in reality, I simply enjoyed shooting everyone’s heads back on the highway every so often. It’s an absolute joy.

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I would buy this EV! Photo: Connie Peters

Who This Car Is For

  • Singles in the City
  • Small urbanite families
  • Luxury car lovers who want to make the jump to an EV
  • Technology lovers

Gv60 Frunk

There is a frunk, but it’s tiny! Photo: Nya Peters

What You Need To Know

  • It’s small, fast and powerful; watch your throttle or you’re sure to get a speeding ticket
  • It’s quiet yet mighty
  • There is a frunk but it’s small
  • All electric driving range is 235-248 miles
  • Most electric car owners charge at home – the most convenient place to charge
  • If you need to charge at public charge stations, a DC fast charger is the way to go
Gv60 Taillights
I love the rear brake light bar. Photo: Nya Peters

What This Car Costs:

Genesis GV60 Advanced Trim

The base Advanced Trim starts at $59,290, and delivers 314 horsepower and 248 miles in range. It has plenty of luxurious appointments like leather interior, premium Bang & Olufsen sound system and heated and vented front seats.

It also comes with standard dual climate control, head-up display, over-the-air updates to the car’s technology, and voice recognition for navigation and other simple commands. It even has “Smart Park” which will move the car forward or back to get in and out of a tight space while you stand outside the car. A 12.3” color LCD driver information screen and a 12.3” HD touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity (not wireless) are standard.

Gv60 Door Handles
The door handles pop out automatically when you approach with the key fob. Photo: Connie Peters

There is driver-only climate control, a fabulous feature seen on some EVs; you can indicate to the car with the touch of a button that you only need the climate control to moderate the temperature around the driver’s seat. I love this feature for preserving battery life and it’s great to see it in the Genesis GV60.

Standard driver assistance features include forward collision avoidance-assist with junction turning, rear cross-traffic collision-avoidance assist and blind-spot collision-avoidance Assist. Lane-keeping and lane-following assist are both standard as well.

Gv60 Trunk
Trunk space is aplenty, and the Performance trim gets a privacy shade. Photo: Connie Peters

Genesis GV60 Performance AWD

If you want more power and driving performance, the Performance trim delivers that, and it’s the one we tested here. It has more horsepower, at 429 and 446 lb-ft of torque with dual motors, but less range overall at 235 Miles. It adds a little fun too, with the  boost button that pushes you to 483 horsepower for up to 10 seconds. And boy is it fun!

The Performance trim ups that leather interior to Nappa Leather, a microsuede headliner, heated rear seats, B&O Premium audio system with 17 speakers, and 21” wheels

Comfort additions include 18-way Power Driver Seat with 4-Way Power Lumbar, Cushion Extension, Power Bolsters, and Relaxation Mode as well as manual rear window side sunshades and rear laminated window glass.

Tech-wise, it has a sport-tuned electronically controlled suspension, surround view back up camera with blind-spot view monitor, remote smart park assist and rear parking collision avoidance, as well as the facial and fingerprint recognition features.

The Performance trim will set you back $68,290.

Both trims provide access to Genesis Connected Services and an app that allows you to control your interior temperature, door locks, check on your battery charging or current range.

It’s worth noting, though, that if you want one, the GV60 will only be sold in select states in the US, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, NewJersey, Nevada, New York, Utah and Washington due to limited availability.

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Gv60 Rear Passenger Space

The flat floor gives the rear seats plenty of space. Photo: Connie Peters

Does the GV60 Play Nice with Passengers?

The rear of the Genesis GV60 is surprisingly spacious for a small crossover with a flat floor, reclining and sliding bench seat that split folds 60/40.

With the Nappa Leather and heated seats, your rear passengers will not be left wanting.

There is even a household plug in the rear seat for charging devices, laptops or maybe even a vacuum to clean up those silly goldfish that seem to get spilled all the time.

The rear seat has a 40/20/40 fold, which is handy if you have a couple of passengers in the back but you want to carry skis or something long and narrow. There are two sets of latch connectors and three top tether anchors for child passenger car seats. The rear seat bench is fairly flat, which should make car seats fit well.The latch connectors are hidden by a clever cover in the back seat. And there is a strap to pull and reveal the latch connectors. So cleverly stashed away!

Each rear passenger feels like they have their own space. There was enough room in the center seat for a third person, though probably not for a long road trip.

I Love Driving Electric Cars, the GV60 Doesn’t Disappoint

I love driving electric cars. I’ve driven a lot of them, and even owned one for almost two years. The GV60 offers all of the things I love – pure electric driving, regenerative iPedal braking, a smooth quiet ride and a luxurious feel inside and out.

I also love the unique styling (if you hadn’t caught that by now).


Gv70 Apple Carplay
I love the generous touchscreen. Photo: Connie Peters

Could This Be Your First Electric Car?

With it’s quirky yet beautiful exterior design, I was pretty certain I’d love the GV60 before I even got my hands on it. Then, having spent a week with the comfortable and cool interior, I can’t deny it’s one of my very favorite electric cars on the market right now.

Like a boutique hotel, the GV60 sets itself apart from the rest of the ever-growing field of electric sedans and small SUVs by offering something totally unique. The look and feel, inside and out, give the impression of something special. The color, the swooping body lines, the exquisite interior inspired me to drive it as often as I could. Which I did; I had something special to explore.

Disclosure: Genesis Provided the GV60 for me to test drive. All opinions are my own.

Genesis Gv60 Mood Board

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