Genesis Is More Than a Brand, It’s an Experience, and You’re the Honored Guest

The DNA of Genesis and its electrified lineup isn't simply luxury details or innovation; it's the idea of being an honored guest. We got to experience this at the brand's newest dealership

Nappa Leather Seating In The Electrified G80
Nappa Leather seating in the Electrified G80. Photo: Jana Askeland

Sometimes, it’s About the Journey AND the Destination

Genesis has only been around for eight years but its mark on the world of luxury cars and SUVs is undeniable; it’s won awards for design, won over skeptics for its drive experience and led the way in innovative technology.

At the heart of it, Genesis wants to make every vehicle purchased a pleasant upscale experience worthy of a Son-Nim, the Korean tradition of Honored Guest. Introducing guests to Son-Nim the mission of this young automaker. For Genesis, Son-Nim isn’t just in how you might be greeted at a dealership or on the phone; it’s how the car is designed, thoughtful interior touches, delightful power when you press the accelerator, ease of charging an electric car, being connected to needed people and systems at all times. Never being inconvenienced.

To explore the Son-Nim of the Genesis drive experience, we took an electrified road trip to the newest Genesis dealership in Cherry Hill, New Jersey to see the environment for ourselves and to attend a ribbon cutting ceremony.

This is the ninth standalone dealership and designed to give buyers a unique Genesis experience. In areas without a Genesis dealer – though eventually there will be more than 100 across the country – customers can purchase from a Hyundai dealers since that’s parent company of Genesis, or through the Genesis valet service.  

I was able to drive three different electric Genesis models on my road trip to Cherry Hill, each telling the Genesis story in its own way.

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I Just Love The Copper Color Of The Gv60, The First Dedicated Electric Suv

I just love the copper color of the GV60, the first dedicated electric SUV. Photo: Jana Askeland

The Most Innovative Electric Luxury: Genesis GV60

While I enjoyed the sedan, I was incredibly excited to switch vehicles and get behind the wheel of the Atacama Copper colored GV60. It’s cute! It’s comfortable! But most of all, it’s FUN to drive. The GV60 is unique and in a class all its own. Here’s what I enjoyed the most:

  1. The instant horsepower and torque is noticeable in all drive modes but is especially thrilling in sport mode.  You can enhance this with the Boost button which gives you a burst of even more “get up and go”
  2. The cabin is well appointed and spacious.  There are also plenty of little storage areas including a unique glovebox that slides out like a drawer
  3. Biometric features like the face connect – which is located on the column on the driver’s door and allows you to be keyless.  The facial recognition lets you into the vehicle and then a fingerprint sensor allows you to start the car
  4. Ultra fast charging. You can power from 10% to 80% in less than 20 minutes using an 800V DC fast charger
  5. A Premium Bang & Olufsen audio system that pumped out my favorite tunes with surround sound.  This is a road trip necessity
Nappa Leather Seating In The Electrified G80

Nappa Leather seating in the Electrified G80. Photo: Jana Askeland

Quiet Luxury: Genesis Electrified G80 Sedan

Starting with the Electrified G80, this sedan was luxury first and doesn’t lack in details or performance. It’s nearly identical to the gas-powered G80, so buyers can choose luxury first and power second. Or, you can go for an electric sedan without compromising luxury.  

This graceful sedan whisked us through the busy streets of Manhattan and to New Jersey with the help of several safety and luxury features.

  1. Blind spot view monitor which gives you more confidence changing lanes on busy Manhattan streets.
  2. Forward collision avoidance that will sound an alarm and then apply brakes if necessary. This feature detects vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.  A necessary feature on this road trip.  
  3. Ergonomic driver’s seat that has seven air cells that help support your spine and enhance your posture.  
The 2023 Genesis Electrified Gv70

The 2023 Genesis Electrified GV70. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Last, but Definitely Not Least: Genesis Electrified GV70

The last leg of my road trip was behind the wheel of the Electrified GV70 AWD Prestige. Like the G80, this SUV is nearly identical to it’s gas-powered twin, giving buyers the best of both worlds.  

From its sleek design to the noise-controlled cabin and Nappa leather seats, every single detail was thought about and then considered again to give drivers a high level of luxury. There are a dozen things that stood out to me about this SUV, but I’ll try to narrow the list. 

  1. The seats are comfortable and stylish. The Nappa leather is quilted, perforated, heated and ventilated. It even has extended thigh support which is helpful for those with longer legs
  2. The steering wheel has power tilt and telescope; a button on the steering column controls this. It’s not a new or even innovative thing, but it reminds you: this is a luxury car
  3. The drive experience is smooth and comfortable for the everyone; the suspension make our road trip both comfortable and enjoyable. The GV70 hung in tight curves and accelerated smoothly onto highways. After two hours I was ready to keep going
  4. The acceleration is a delight. With 429 HP, it’s powerful and responsive; but tap the boost mode button and the system gives you a 10 second burst of 483 horsepower. It’s a blast
  5. The design is sexy inside and out. I felt so stylish! The electric charge port is in the front grille which is well placed for using commercial chargers and much more convenient for a home garage 
  6. The outside mirrors are power folding AND they can be heated with a timer. They also auto dim and in the dark, have approach lights with the Genesis logo. Such an elegant touch
Genesis Coo Claudia Marquez, Hyundai North America President José Muñoz, Keri Lanzavecchia, And Peter Lanzavecchia

Genesis COO Claudia Marquez, Hyundai North America President José Muñoz, Genesis of Cherry Hill’s Keri Lanzavecchia and Peter Lanzavecchia. Photo: Jana Askeland

When You Get to Genesis, You’ve Arrived 

I steered the GV70 into the brand-new Genesis of Cherry Hill, New Jersey for a celebration and ribbon cutting. You see, to be totally submerged in Genesis culture, you need to see the process all the way through to what shoppers will experience. I was not disappointed. 

Walking through the sliding glass doors of the newest Genesis dealership, all of your senses are immediately engaged. You hear a chime that is the same sound you hear when you start a Genesis vehicle.  

Genesis of Cherry Hill has fills the space with a signature scent. It smells fresh and clean yet subtle. The overall feeling is welcoming, like a boutique or hotel, not at all like a typical car dealership. They want everyone who walks through these glass doors to feel Son-Nim.  

An environment with all glass and no walls signifies “full transparency” to build trust with guests. There is a high-end Korean tea bar in the service lounge. Music plays on the custom Bang & Olufsen speaker system throughout the dealership, an ode to the systems inside Genesis models.  

A Glowing Crystal Ball In The Gv60 Hides The Gear Shifter And Then Flips Over To Reveal It To You When You Want To Drive.

A glowing crystal ball in the GV60 hides the gear shifter and then flips over to reveal it to you when you want to drive. Photo: Jana Askeland

The Ultimate Son-Nim: Service Valet 

To get the idea of Son-Nim across, Genesis has created a Service Valet. This is a white glove service to ensure Genesis owners get the best service experience possible. Sometimes this means picking cars up from an office, home or local coffee shop. The valet drops off a loaner and takes the customer car in for service.

The valet returns later with a vehicle that has been serviced, washed and waxed. And Genesis of Cherry Hill also tops off the gas tank or adds charge to the battery. A Godiva cookie and a signed note from the service technician is then added to the passenger seat. All of this is another way of showing everyone who connects with the Genesis brand that they are indeed an honored guest.  

The president of Genesis Cherry Hill, Peter Lanzavecchia said he wants customers to think, “A brand that pays so much attention to details must also pay attention to safety and design,” he said.

Pushing This Green Boost Button Gives You A 10 Second Burst Of Extra Horsepower

Pushing this green Boost button gives you a 10 second burst of extra horsepower. Photo: Jana Askeland

More Tech Without Extra Fees

Another new perk for Genesis owners will be complimentary Genesis Connected Services for all original owners (or lessees) of 2023 and newer model years. Genesis hopes to enrich the ownership experience by offering their cutting-edge connectivity program for no additional cost. 

Genesis Connected Services include safety, maintenance, convenience and remote features, offered complimentary for the first owner with no expiration date. Previously these services were complimentary for the first three years of ownership and then offered by subscription.

Now It’s Easier to Drive Electric

Adding to the thoughtfulness of the Genesis brand, the company made two major announcements this week. First, Genesis will join other automakers including Ford, Honda and GM in using NACS Charging ports (North American Charging Standard Ports are the ones used by Tesla and are more widely available in some areas.)  

By adding NACS ports, Genesis electric customers will have access to more than 12,000 Tesla Superchargers across North America, doubling the size of the DC fast charging network currently available to Genesis electric car drivers. Then, to extend this new tech to Genesis electric car drivers whose cars have the CCS, or current standard charge ports, Genesis will offer adapters so they, too, can charge at NACS chargers nationwide. Genesis will start adding the NACS ports to their cars in late 2024, and access to the Superchargers will begin in early 2025.  

And, to make buying a Genesis electric car or SUV easier, the company has expanded to sell them in 33 states, up 10 from earlier this year. The electric lineup is now available in Arkansas, Hawaii, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Eventually they’ll be sold at all Genesis dealers.

Claudia Marquez Coo Of Genesis North America Welcomes Guests To Genesis Of Cherry Hill

Claudia Marquez COO of Genesis North America welcomes guests to Genesis of Cherry Hill. Photo: Jana Askeland

Audacious, Progressive and Invested in the Future 

When you think about it, it’s been an incredible journey for this young automaker. But the journey is just part of the story; the destination is as much a part of it: To fill its cars and SUVs with thoughtful and innovative details, to put Genesis alongside the world’s top luxury car brands and to put you, Son-Nim, at the center of it all.

Disclosure: I was a guest of Genesis for this test drive. Travel and accommodations were provided but all opinions are my own. Additionally, A Girls Guide to Cars may earn a commission from affiliate links in this story.

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