How Do Automakers Celebrate Pride Month?

Love is love. We teach our kids acceptance and kindness through unconditional love. We love that automakers show the same love, especially during Pride month.

A Girls Guide To Cars | How Do Automakers Celebrate Pride Month? - Paradefeatured

We Love Celebrating Love, and So Do Automakers

When our kids are little, we parent them by feeding them, making their beds, and doing a whole long laundry list of other physical tasks we have to do for them. As they get older, we no longer have to dress them or brush their teeth for them, but our jobs as parents are far from over. It’s as they get older that we help shape their beliefs, opinions, and outlook on life so they can become self-sufficient adult humans.

I believe that one of our important jobs as parents is to show them unconditional love and let them know that we will still love them, no matter who they end up being with or loving when they are adults.

We have been taking our daughters to the local LGBTQ+ Pride Parade, which for us is in Vancouver, BC, every summer for a few years (apart from the Pandemic years, of course) so that they know we’re open and supportive. Being an automotive journalist, I also enjoy seeing representation from the automakers who participate in the festivities. Knowing which companies employ inclusivity in their core values speaks loudly to those of us who are immersed in the industry.

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A Girls Guide To Cars | How Do Automakers Celebrate Pride Month? - Parade

A local dealer participating in the 2018 Vancouver Pride Parade. Photo: Connie Peters

Automakers at Pride Celebrations

I’ve seen firsthand several brands like Lucid Motors and local dealers participating in the Pride Parade here in Vancouver. I enjoy seeing their support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Stellantis, which is the collection of several automakers, including Jeep, posted this on Instagram recently, showing their support in the Detroit Pride Parade.

Subaru was the First to Support Pride Back in the ’90s

When Subaru learned back in the ’90s that their cars were popular with lesbians, the automaker soon started targeting them with some blatantly supportive and other not-so-obvious ads that in turn made the lesbians love them even more.

Pride Becomes More Mainstream with Automakers

When an Internet comment called the Ford Raptor ‘Very Gay’ in 2021, Ford proudly displayed their support for Pride with a Rainbow and Glitter version of the Raptor, and then replicated that on a Ford Bronco the following year.

A Girls Guide To Cars | How Do Automakers Celebrate Pride Month? - Ford Pride Bronco Rainbow Livery

Ford Bronco in Rainbow and Gold Glitter. Photo: Ford

Some brands go a little stealthier, like Pirelli did with this ad:

I love seeing the automakers, dealers, and others in the automotive world displaying their pride and supporting all employees, customers, and families in the LGBTQ+ community all over the world. I also enjoy showing my children that inclusivity and acceptance are as valuable as kindness in this world.

Love is love.

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