Who Cares Who Wins The 2017 Super Bowl? We’re Just Here for the Ads

Super Bowl 2017

Here’s a sneak peek at the real winners.

Each year the Super Bowl captures an audience that no marketer can come close to reaching: The tens of millions of viewers of the Super Bowl. It’s a favorite place for viewers who, even if they don’t care who wins the game are there to watch the fun and creative ads. It’s also a favorite place for automakers, and on February 5th we will see ads from at least seven of them. Here’s a peek at some of the ads (and some teasers) that will be featured during this years big game.

Hyundai breaks the mold with a shot-in-real-time ad

After last year’s Kevin Hart/Genesis set a record for USA Today’s Ad Meter among automotive ads, Hyundai needed to raise its game. So the automaker is doing something that has never been done before: Hyundai will actually be filming the 90-second Super Bowl commercial DURING the game and revealing it in the first ad slot after the final play. The tagline of the campaign is, “This year, some of the better moments of the Super Bowl won’t only happen on the field.” Rather than focusing on the game, this Hyundai ad will highlight special moments that happen among the fans.

Hyundai called on Super Bowl champion Joe Montana to help build up this event.


The Kia 2017 Super Bowl commercial will focus on the new hybrid crossover, the Kia Niro with a surprise 60-second ad that will air during the third quarter. During the ad, we get to watch actress Melissa McCarthy on an unexpected journey.


The surprising thing here is, Ford’ vehicles are not the focus of this campaign, and that’s the point: Ford’s vision for the future is to solve all our mobility issues, not just our automotive ones.


Mercedes is celebrating a big year, the 50th anniversary of the Mercedes-AMG sports brand. Using the hashtag #easydriver, the automakers released four teasers for their Super Bowl ad.  This ad will run during the 4th quarter of the game.


Lexus released the extended version of their ad during NFL Championship Game weekend on January 22. The commercial is promoting the cool  Lexus LC 500. Actress Minnie Driver is the brand’s new spokeswoman and will be in the ad during the big game. The 2017 Lexus LC 500 will debut this May.


This is one of the few brands not offering a teaser for their ad in the big game. All we know is that the ad will focus on the Honda CR-V.

Super Bowl 2017

Are you ready for some Superbowl Ads!


This year’s commercial will continue to promote the idea of “That’s not a Buick,” showcasing the car as cool and modern and showing consumers it’s not your Grandpa’s car.

Which ads from the 2017 Super Bowl are your favorites? 

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