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Mom, Wife, Writer and Avid Traveler Jenn wears many hats. She grew up in the car industry and has a love for cars of every kind. She couldn't get her license without learning to drive stick shift, she is now teaching her teen driver the same lessons. A red 67 Mustang GT is her dream but she totes the family around in a SUV--one day she will get that muscle car. She is an shares her journey through life discovering new destinations at JourneyswithJenn.com

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Spring Car Care Kia K900
April 9, 2023
Spring is around the corner, but winter temps can leave your engine and exterior in need of a refresh. Our 7 tips will help you prep for warmer days ahead.
A Girls Guide To Cars | Easy Winter Windshield Tricks To End Your Fight With Ice - Agirlsguidetocars Logotype Color Web Transparentbg 16X9 1
December 13, 2022
These windshield ice hacks will make that cold winter morning more bearable. All you need is a credit card, socks and some vinegar.
2017 Kia Niro Ex Hybrid Crossover
February 21, 2022
2017 KIA Niro EX is a fun and affordable compact hybrid crossover. And with a whopping 55 mpg, it’ll save you from wasting money at the gas station!
What To Do After An Accident.
July 7, 2019
A car accident is never ideal. This 7-step guide to what to do (and not to do) after an accident can lessen the stress and smooth the claims process.
2018 Honda Accord First Look: A Sedan For The Future Generation
February 27, 2018
The 2018 Honda Accord is about to hit showroom floors, and it’s not the mid-sized sedan you know. With a new body & better engine, this Accord turns heads.
Toyota Corolla Xse Best Compact Car
October 3, 2017
The 2017 Toyota Corolla XSE was safe, comfortable, and capable even in the mountains of Virginia. See why this may be the best compact car for you.
2017 Lexus Rx 350 F Sport Review
May 24, 2017
2017 Lexus RX 350 F Sport was made with fashion in mind. With supple leather interior, sleek lines and top safety features you can feel good in this car.
This Speedy Jeep Grand Cherokee Is One Of The Family Cars Coming Soon.
May 11, 2017
Get a sneak peak of four spectacular new family cars on their way for 2018–from a speedy all new Jeep Grand Cherokee to a redesigned Hyundai Sonata.
2017 Gmc Canyon Denali
May 8, 2017
The 2017 GMC Canyon Denali was built with women in mind. From its mid-sized body to it’s soft leather interior I fell in love fast with this truck.
A Girls Guide To Cars | What Does The A Girls Guide To Cars Crew Drive? - Image1 1
April 21, 2017
A Girls Guide to Cars is a collection of different women, and we own different cars. Take a look and see what’s in our driveways. It may surprise you.