Hyundai and Genesis Team Up With Amazon’s Alexa

Alexa Hyundai

Finally, There’s Someone in Your House Who’ll Do What You Ask

Alexa HyundaiIf you’re one of the millions of Americans who received Amazon Alexa for Christmas this year, you’re now poised to have it do a lot more than just play 21 questions and order toilet paper from Amazon.

Alexa is at your service to manage many of the functions of select current and most future Hyundai models.

This could be you:

“Alexa, start the car.”

“Request for remote starting has been sent.”

I like it when I can ask someone to do something and she does it.

“Alexa, how cold is it outside?”

“It is 28 degrees in Stamford, Connecticut.”

Usually I’m the one answering that question when my kids ask. Now they can just ask Alexa.

“Alexa, set the climate control to 80 degrees.”

“Request for climate control set at 80 degrees has been sent.”

OK, this one I LOVE. I can not only have the car auto started, but the heat can be turned on too. Because, 28 degrees is life in the Northeast.

“Alexa, text Cameron and Estee to wear a sweater today?”

“Text to Cameron and Estee sent.”

This saves a lot of yelling in my house.

“Thank you Alexa.”

“You’re welcome, Scotty.”

All this and guess what? This helpful little helper only costs $99 a year. Totally worth it for getting the kids out of the house fast and into a warm car on a cold day.

Cars connected to the rest of your devices is now a reality

Alexa HyundaiLast summer Genesis announced the integration of Alexa into the brand’s luxury G80 and G90 model sedans. But recently, Hyundai stepped up the game by adding Alexa to all its 2017 models equipped with BlueLink.

The addition of Alexa adds to Hyundai’s mission of allowing owners to control their car from almost any voice-activated device, including phone apps, Apple watch and other smart watches, to the company’s own BlueLink, which offers push button access to roadside assistance, help with scheduling maintenance, restaurant reservations and more.

You can even use Alexa to monitor the charging–or start or stop the charging–of the Ioniq plug in model.

We took a tour through BlueLink’s and Apple Watch functions (BlueLink functions are available on the phone apps too):

Other great ways Alexa and Bluelink can enhance your life

Alexa is an excellent way to torture your teen. Picture this: Your daughter is at her boyfriend’s house past her curfew.

“Alexa, honk the horn and flash the lights.”

“Request for remote horn and lights sent.”

The next thing you know, your daughter is texting you.

Alexa Hyundai

Thank you, Alexa.

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