Cast-off Car Parts Reimagined As Fashion? Re:Style 2020 Showcases Hyundai’s Collab with Top Designers

Re:style 2020 Collage - Fashion Made From Car Parts
? Hyundai

That’s the point of Re:Style 2020.

Sustainable is sexy. Words like re-use, recycle, upcycle, repurpose, and reimagine are part of our daily vocabulary as we work to reduce our footprint on this planet. But turning car parts into wearable style? Even the most creative brain probably doesn’t go there. But Hyundai did. Meet Re:Style 2020.

Re:Style 2020 is a collaboration between designers and auto manufacturing. An unlikely pairing? Maybe. But this example of thinking outside the box shows us what’s possible when we work together and think creatively.

Re:Style 2020 uses materials that are usually thrown away during the auto manufacturing and scrapping process. The collection features items such as jewelry, jumpsuits, work vests, and bags made from discarded materials like leather, carpet, seatbelt webbing, and airbag fabric. Bet you never thought of any of those things as wearable. I never did before now!

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Work Vest Made Of Recycled Car Parts

While this work vest keeps the detailing of the airbag material it was made from, most of the Re:Style 2020 line falls into the “Never would have guessed” category. ? Hyundai

The sales started on October 13th at a pop-up shop in London’s Selfridges and in Selfridges online store, and they’ll run until everything is gone. Sales raise funds for the British Fashion Council’s Institute of Positive Fashion, which was established to create more sustainable crafting and business practices in the fashion world.

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A peek at Re:Style 2020

If you’re still not convinced, don’t worry—you’re not alone. So, to get you up to speed, here’s a listing of the participating designers and the goodies they’re producing for the collection:


Alighieri is a British jewelry maker whose pieces are inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. The pieces are often made from upcycled material designed to look hard-worn and rustic—the way you’d imagine jewelry might look after a long journey through Hell. Necklaces, chokers, bracelets and other items were created with repurposed seatbelts, car glass, and foam materials, as well as gold, silver, bronze and freshwater pearls.

A Girls Guide To Cars | Cast-Off Car Parts Reimagined As Fashion? Re:style 2020 Showcases Hyundai'S Collab With Top Designers - Restyle 2020 A Girls Guide To Cars 3

Statement jewelry that used to be a car. Who knew? ? Hyundai


E.L.V. stands for East London Vintage, which should give you an idea of where it comes from. The brand already creates its distinctive styles using discarded denim, so its contribution to RE:Style should come as no surprise. Its contribution is a jumpsuit made of upcycled denim and leather scraps from the car manufacturing process.

Re:style 2020 Denim And Leather Jumpsuit

While no one would know this denim and leather jumpsuit was made from upcycled car parts, I don’t think I’d be able to resist telling everyone. ? Hyundai

Public School:

Public School is an American streetwear fashion brand whose motto is “to find perfection in imperfection.” It brings a Fuji Technical Vest to the RE:Style 2020 collection, which is made from discarded seatbelt webbings and airbag materials.

A Girls Guide To Cars | Cast-Off Car Parts Reimagined As Fashion? Re:style 2020 Showcases Hyundai'S Collab With Top Designers - Restyle 2020 A Girls Guide To Cars 5

While some of the Re:Style 2020 line has an industrial look, such as this technical vest, most of the pieces are decidedly feminine. ? Hyundai


pushBUTTON is an up-and-coming South Korean design brand that makes playful attire, which means its work vest contribution makes sense. Its pockets use airbag materials that keep the airbag’s original details.

Richard Quinn:

Richard Quinn is a London-based designer whose bold prints have been making a splash in the fashion industry. His contribution—and one of my personal favorites—is a corset made from recycled airbag fabric overlaid with a gorgeous blue and white floral pattern.

Hyundai Sustainability Re:style

Richard Quinn’s corset is a bright, sophisticated contribution to RE:Style. ? Hyundai

Rosie Assoulin:

Rosie Assoulin’s clothing highlights sustainability in two ways: it doesn’t use animal products, and it’s all locally crafted. Her tote bag made from seatbelt webbings, carpet fabric, and foam make a great addition to the Hyundai RE:Style collection.

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A Girls Guide To Cars | Cast-Off Car Parts Reimagined As Fashion? Re:style 2020 Showcases Hyundai'S Collab With Top Designers - Restyle 2020 A Girls Guide To Cars 6

The Re:Style 2020 line has a lot of versatility but it’s all functional and attainable fashion. ? Hyundai

Hyundai’s Sustainability Vision

Hyundai recognizes that ethical consumption and caring for the environment are becoming increasingly important to car buyers. These initiatives are inline with Hyundai’s vision, “Progress for Humanity.” Cross-industry collaboration brings innovation in sustainable design and lifestyle.

Even though I might not ever buy a corset made from recycled airbag fabric or a denim and leather jumpsuit, I like the idea that I bought a car from a company that looks for new ways to reduce waste. This new collaboration shows Hyundai cars about more than just making and selling cars. Today’s consumers look beyond the surface when they make a major purchase and they’ll like what they’re seeing from Hyundai and their partnership with Re:Style2020.

I like cars. I like fashion. I’ve always thought of those two things as separate entities. Maybe not. As a Hyundai owner and a wannabe fashionable person, this makes me smile.

A Girls Guide To Cars | Cast-Off Car Parts Reimagined As Fashion? Re:style 2020 Showcases Hyundai'S Collab With Top Designers - Restyle2020 A Girls Guide To Cars Pin

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