You Wont Believe Where This Beautiful Gem Stone Comes From

Fordite Agate

Colorful, Unique and Only from Detroit – Fordite will be on your Wish List This Year.

It’s rare, it’s not easy to find and it is becoming one of the hottest trends in the automotive world. Have you ever seen Fordite? A colorful layered gem stone named for the automotive industry, and only found in Detroit. There’s a good chance you haven’t heard of it unless you’ve been to art shows in the Metro-Detroit area. But the stone can cost the same as some of the more expensive semi-precious stones, but has a much more interesting story.

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What is Fordite Anyway?

Even though Ford had set up the assembly line – they didn’t have everything worked out like they do now. While they assembled everything by hand, they did everything including spraying the paint on the vehicles in one area. The extra paint would drip down when it was getting baked on the vehicles and eventually piled up.

The result – a large stone of layered colors and enamel. At the end of the process, the agate would be placed outside and would pile up. As it weathered it’d look like a large stone, but one you cut into it, shape and polish the stones the beautiful of Fordite is revealed. Showing the beauty that is a by product of the automotive industry.

From the past to the future of Ford – Where the Industry is Going

Fordite and Tourmaline toggle clasp Necklace

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Parking garages that are a destination – and great for photo opps!

From Byproduct to Center Stage – Fordite Finds a New Life

While it may have started off as a byproduct from the automotive industry, Fordite has found a new life in the fashion industry and even in other products. The stone is being used to make jewelry products that provide individual style for each piece made. No two pieces are identical and make a statement on its own. You can find Fordite used in necklaces, pipes, knife handles and more. Once abandoned, Fordite has found a new home in the heart of automotive enthusiasts.

Curious where to find Fordite pieces to add to your collection or to gift to the automotive lover in your life? You can find a good selection on Etsy and Amazon. Grab a piece of automotive history before it’s gone, and wear it with the story of automotive design with you.

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