Electrify Expo Is the Electric Car Shopping Festival You Need

Test drive an electric car. On a track. With a friend. At a festival. Sound like fun? Electrify Expo offers also offers information, experts and and more for jump starting your EV life.

Electrify Expo Featured Image
Electrify Expo featured image

Is There a Better Place to Try Out Electric Car Driving?

A festival of all the fun electric mobility things, from bikes and scooters to full size cars, the opportunity to drive them on a course of cones or an F1 track, and all your questions answered, is the mission of Electrify Expo, which takes place this weekend in Austin, Texas. As the road to electrification gathers speed, buyers are need reliable information about the processes, products and services required to meet their needs. Electrify Expo does that, adding a dose of fun and a bit of a thrill.

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All Things Electric… For Everyone

Electric cars, yes, but also bikes, scooters, and more. Plus, accessories, tires, home chargers – everything you want and need to live the electric car life. Now in its third year, the festival has become a hub providing first-hand experience for all things electric. Think SXSW for technology and electric vehicles but in various locations around the country. This year events were held in Long Beach, San Francisco, Washington DC, New York, Seattle, Miami and is concluding its 2023 tour in Austin, Texas. Founded by BJ Birtwell, Electrify Expo aims to combat the barriers to mass adoption of electrification by providing attendees with access to the brands and products that directly use the vital technologies. The most recent event in Austin also brought together leaders, thinkers and innovators to talk about the march to electrified transportation with an Industry Day gathering. Glad they are not just having fun driving EVs, but also thinking about the bigger picture.

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Lots Of Fun For Kiddoes At Electrify Expo

There’s lots of fun for kiddos too, at Electrify Expo. Photo: Electrify Expo

The EV World Is Growing.  Discuss.

It’s not just shoppers and buyers that find Electrify Expo a great opportunity to explore electrified products, learn about the processes and gather a frame of reference for  rapidly evolving technology. The industry gathers at Electrify Expo to learn, too. At this year’s Austin media day, manufacturers shared information about how they are working with buyers to create positive customer experiences and adapting products to meet the current and future transportation needs of buyers. In a panel moderated by journalist Kristin Shaw, Ford Motor Company shared how their EV buyers have reshaped the way they approach product sales and future planning to create a more proactive and integrated experience with a vehicle. Two of their EV owners also shared how they bought their vehicles, the research that went into purchasing and why they chose their electric vehicles, in this case a Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning. In another panel discussion, Car and Driver’s John Voekler chatted with Matt Tesker, the founder of Chargeway, an app that aims to solve the pain point of where to charge your vehicle. They discussed the need for personalizing the EV experience to each buyer’s lifestyle and making the most of the experience. Other discussions centered around public policy, developing infrastructure and discussing the trends that are up and coming in the market.

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But There’s Nothing Like Actual Experience

For attendees, Electrify Expo is a huge boon for actually test driving vehicles and other mobility options like e-bikes, scooters, skateboards and trikes in one space. Electrify Expo creates a lovely space for engaging with the products in a no-pressure environment. The family friendly event creates a buzz that few other events offer in the space. And then, there are food trucks, a kids zone and product displays galore. The festival inspires you to engage in a way that feels more like a fair than a class on technology.

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All the Big Brands Are On Hand For Test Drives and Information

Automotive giants like Ford, BMW, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Polestar, Volvo, Tesla, Toyota, VW and VinFast all brought vehicles for buyers and the EV-curious to test and ask questions of product specialists. Luckily, there’s plenty of room at the venue: The Circuit of the Americas F1 track in Austin. The outdoor showroom also lets guests get acquainted and demo micro-mobility options like the e-bikes from GoCycle, Livewire, JackRabbit and Owlet. There’s nothing like getting to see, feel, touch and explore a new technology with your hands and in your own way. Because of the huge success of the format, Electrify Expo has become the largest electric vehicle festival in North America. Scheduled to return next year, and likely with more cities in the mix, the festival will make its tour around the country. To find your nearest tour stop, visit Electrify Expo.

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