13 of Our Absolute Favorites, the Best Electric Cars, Hybrids, and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Electric cars can be confusing and overwhelming, but once you have one you'll love it. So, we sorted it out for you: our 13 favorite electric cars, hybrids and PHEVS.

A Girls Guide To Cars | 13 Of Our Absolute Favorites, The Best Electric Cars, Hybrids, And Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles - Me With The Vw Id.4
Photo: Scotty Reiss

We’ve grown to love all things electric.

Because is there anything better than having plenty of power and feeling good about it? That’s why we’ve fallen head over heels for electric cars: those that are purely electric, those that use battery power to supplement gasoline power and those that can drive on all electric power for a short range and on gas for longer trips: the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, or PHEV. No matter which you choose, these cars are cleaner, they’re greener, and they’re so much fun to drive.

But which are the best? The list of options is growing by the day as more and more manufacturers roll out electric cars, hybrids and PHEVs. Here are 13 of the best alternative power vehicles that we’ve tested—it’ll give you a great place to start your shopping, and you can rest easy knowing you have our seal of approval!

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The Best Electric Cars, Hybrids and SUVs, According to Our Editors

A Girls Guide To Cars | 13 Of Our Absolute Favorites, The Best Electric Cars, Hybrids, And Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles - This Is The Color Combination I Prefer White With Black Detaisl Which Looks Elegant

Rivian R1S 3-Row SUV

This. The Rivian R1S is the SUV we’ve been waiting for: A true 3-row SUV with seating for 7, capacity for kids, car seats, room for strollers and camping gear, off road chops that can conquer even the ugliest winters, and an all electric power plant that relegates gas station stops for snacks and bathroom breaks only.

Rivian introduced two electrics: the R1T pickup truck and the R1S SUV, and the SUV is outpacing the truck for customer orders. Which is pretty much the only way to get one: put in an order, and if you’re in the market, do it soon; the backorder list is a long one.

We took a test drive in the R1S and were roundly impressed. It’s comfortable and capable on the road with all you expect in an SUV: high ground clearance, good visibility and all the features you know and need. Then, it has lots of innovative touches, from a clam shell tail gate to cool storage cubbies, a Bluetooth speaker that stows in a charging bay, fully reclining front seats, built in household outlets and an air compressor. You can see our full video review, including how easy it is to get in and out of the third row, here.

  • Electric Range: 260+ miles
  • Starting Price:  $72,500
  • Battery: 105+ kWh
Favorite Electric Vehicles

The VW ID.4 is a gorgeous reminder of what a great EV can do. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Electric: Volkswagen ID.4

Scotty Reiss calls the Volkswagen ID.4 a ‘love bug,’ and it doesn’t take much to see why. This World Car of the  year for 2021 has technology that greets you before you even get in the door, and once you’re seated, it knows exactly what you need. The ID line is the future of VW, and it’s a beautiful SUV that’s as functional as it tech-friendly. Scotty talks about how much she loves the minimalist interior and the little details (seriously: she talks about how much she even loves the door handles!). “The 201 horsepower and 228 lb-ft of torque provide more than enough power for merging into traffic, cruising on the highway or tooling around town,” she writes. “Despite being an SUV, the ID.4 is agile and easy to drive and park; it’s not the huge vehicle that some SUVs are.” You can see the full review here.

Specs to Know:

  • Electric Range: 250 miles
  • Starting Price:  $39,995
  • Battery: 82 kWh
Favorite Electric Vehicles

The Mach-E may not have the Mustang shape we know, but it has all the bells and whistles we love. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Electric: Mustang Mach-E

The iconic Mustang name is back and better than ever with the Mustang Mach-E. “Not only did Ford put all its Mustang smarts into this car,” Scotty Reiss writes, “but they did it in a way that blends the best of what we know, need and love in cars with smart design details that advance the future of car design. The minimalistic, elegant look and feel elevates the experience. But the design and function are intuitive so you won’t be confused, bored or frustrated; you’ll just feel good while you get where you’re going.”

And feeling good while driving is what it’s all about.

Specs to Know:

  • Electric Range: 230 miles
  • Starting Price: $42,895
  • Battery: 68 kWh

A Girls Guide To Cars | 13 Of Our Absolute Favorites, The Best Electric Cars, Hybrids, And Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles - The Sports Car Like Proporitons Of The Ev6 Belie The Interior Space Which Is Sizable

Electric: Kia EV6

Kia is on a journey to build more luxurious and aspirational cars, and the Kia EV6 is part of that future. A departure in design for the brand formerly known for its bargain cars, the EV6 carries a distinctly sporty silhouette on the outside and premium details and driver-focused design on the inside. Probably our favorite detail is the cantilevered floating center console, which gives the cabin an even more premium feeling. But we also love the microsuede and leatherette upholstery made from recycled and sustainable materials, and the head up display (in the top level GT-Line model, which carries a $55K price tag).

The EV6 shares much of its technology with the Hyundai Ioniq 5, so it has an electric range that starts at 232 miles and goes up to about 275 miles depending on the model; it can recharge to about 80% in 18 minutes at a DC Fast Charge station; and it’s nicely loaded for a starting price of about $40k. See the full story here.

Specs to Know:

  • Electric Range: 232+ miles
  • Starting Price: $40,900
  • Battery: 58 to 77 kWh

A Girls Guide To Cars | 13 Of Our Absolute Favorites, The Best Electric Cars, Hybrids, And Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles - Taking A Break With The Volvo C40 Recharge At One Of Californias Many Windmill Farms

Electric: Volvo C40 Recharge

This crossover has an elegant and sexy silhouette that is a bit of a departure for Volvo and it definitely gets our attention; the Volvo C40 Recharge may be the best looking Volvo ever.

Under the “hood” it performs, too; it has the same power plant as the Volvo XC40 recharge, which means it has about 225 miles of range that can be recharged to 80% in under 40 minutes. Drivers can enhance the distance the C40 will go on a charge by using B mode, which we did and were impressed. But the real magic here is the power it generates: 402 horsepower and instant torque for a drive experience that is just as thrilling to your spirit as this car is to your eyes.

Specs to know: 

  • Electric Range: 226 miles
  • Starting Price: $55,300
  • Battery: 78 kWhA Girls Guide To Cars | 13 Of Our Absolute Favorites, The Best Electric Cars, Hybrids, And Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles - This Truck Makes You Feel Like A Rock Star

Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup Truck

We couldn’t be more excited for an electric vehicle than we are for this: the Ford F-150 Lighting. That’s because this is the truck that will tip the trend, convince the naysayers and skeptics, and put every convenience and capacity into an electric truck. That’s because the Ford F-150 Lightning can do everything – everything– the regular gas-powered F-150 can do, plus it can do a lot more.

Like the regular truck, it can accommodate lots of add-ons, from gear to configure the bed, tow equipment, camping gear and more. It can tow and haul – just like it’s gas-powered sibling. It has lots of room for passengers, the satisfyingly high ride height of a pickup and rugged off road capability.

And then, it can do some things its gas-fueled sibs can’t: it has a frunk for storage, and it holds a lot. It can reverse the power flow, so you can use it to power large electric appliances, equipment or even an entire house. And it has onboard scales that weigh the truck and its load to manage the battery range and direct you to a charge station so you’re never stuck. With the innovations in this truck we expect the possibilities to continue to grow… and the F-150 Lightning to continue to turn heads. Get a good look at all the details in this video.

  • Electric Range: 230+ miles
  • Starting Price: $39,995
  • Battery: 110+ kWh
Favorite Electric Vehicles

The infotainment system in the Mini Cooper SE. Photo: Joni Finkle

Electric: Mini Cooper SE

Looking for a sweet little ride to tool you around town? Then you’re going to love the Mini Cooper SE. It may not be large, and it may not have a huge range, but it’s a delicious little car if you roll solo and like to make a statement. You’ll be hard-pressed to find something cuter. I mean, look at that infotainment system! Let Joni Finkle give you the inside scoop:

“Because I love the kitschy, iconic design (think Hello Kitty or The Yellow Submarine), MINI’s interior design makes me smile. Large, circular crafted portholes of varying sizes and functionality are designed to inform you while making you feel special. As in all MINIs, the ergonomics are driver-focused, and the dials are super easy to see and reach. Of course, there is a USB port and Bluetooth connectivity, as one would expect in a modern machine. And my test vehicle had the upgraded wireless phone charger and Harman/Kardon sound system which did justice to made my Live Tedeschi Trucks playlist.”

Specs to Know:

  • Electric Range: 110 miles
  • Starting Price: $30,750
  • Battery: 33 kWh

Hybrid: Kia Sorento

Now we’re moving into hybrids, which give you the functionality of an EV with the practicality of an internal combustion engine. A great place to start? The Kia Sorento. Who doesn’t love a great three-row SUV that actually makes you feel good about driving it solo, since the electric battery helps ease the emissions? Even better is the fact that you can select between regular ol’ hybrid and plug-in hybrid, depending on what you need.

“I really loved my time in the Sorento Hybrid,” Scotty told us. “I like how quiet it is, how little gas it used, and when I wanted to, sport mode for a little more fun. I also really loved the interior; it has a lot of great style and flexibility at an affordable price. Probably the thing I love most, though, are the standard captains chairs in the Hybrid models. These seats are gold for drivers with kids and dogs who need their own space. And, I really love the price and all you get for it. This one is hard to beat.”

Specs to Know:

  • Hybrid range: 37 mpg
  • Starting Price: $33,590
Bmw Ix Suv

BMW iX SUV. Photo: Scotty Reiss


The BMW iX electric SUV may be BMW’s most beautiful and best driving SUV ever. BMW re-imagined the SUV interior with a spacious, open-feeling cabin, a floating center console that leaves space for a handbag, and a spacious cargo area that’s roomy enough for all your gear. And then, this car comes loaded with every luxury BMW offers, from head up display to quilted leather seating. But the topper might be the Swarovski crystal details: the seat adjustment  panel, the infotainment dial, the gear selector and the start button are all crystal (and standard). And it’s simply gorgeous.

From there, BWM engineered its electric power train to be hugely efficient. In a full week of driving we used just about half the battery charge; we drove about 170 miles and used about 140 miles of the estimated 315 mile battery range. We were able to actually recoup miles (thanks to B mode) in crawling traffic and on downhill drives, adding to the range on the battery. It’s incredible to end your day on the road with more miles on the battery range than you started with, but that’s exactly what we experienced. See our full video here.

Specs to Know:

  • Electric Range: 315 miles
  • Starting Price: $83,200
  • Battery: 111 kWh

A Girls Guide To Cars | 13 Of Our Absolute Favorites, The Best Electric Cars, Hybrids, And Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles - The Hyundai Ioniq 5Electric: Hyundai Ioniq 5

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 has probably won more praise and awards than any other car, or electric car, this year. Winner of the World Car of the Year for 2022, as well as World Car Design of the Year and World Electric Car of the Year, just to start, the Ioniq 5 has won praise from critics for its innovative design and engineering. With a smart design and open and airy cabin, lots of great features and affordable price tag, this might be the hottest electric car on the road.

Its charm starts with the SUV-like shape and space, which are thanks to the battery pack tucked into the space under the passenger cabin, affording lots of leg room and head room. Then, all seats can slide forward or back, and the center console can slide forward or back, allowing passengers to customize the cabin how they like. Add to that Hyundai’s phone as key function, reverse charging vehicle-to-load capability, quick charging capability – up to 80% recharged in 18 minutes at a DC Fast Charger – and 3 levels of regenerative braking to maximize efficiency, and we can see why drivers and critics alike love this electric car so much. Get the full story in our video.

Specs to Know:

  • Electric Range: 220+ miles
  • Starting Price: $$39,700
  • Battery: 111 kWh

A Girls Guide To Cars | 13 Of Our Absolute Favorites, The Best Electric Cars, Hybrids, And Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles - A Side View Of The Genesis Gv60

All Electric Genesis GV 60

It’s almost hard to know where to start with this gorgeous, elegant compact SUV from Genesis, the luxury arm of Hyundai. The interior of the Genesis GV 60 is like being in the inner sanctum of a high fashion designer. The technology is beyond innovative and intuitive – the only car on the market you can open, start and drive with just your face. Seriously. And the floating crystal orb at the center of the console flips over on start to reveal the gear selector. And that’s just the start… it goes on and delightfully on.

The the exterior is futuristic and elegant. It’s also distinct, easy to drive and fun on the highway. And when it comes to electric performance, it’s great; it has all wheel drive, several battery options and in the top of the line, boost mode that gives you a 10 second kick of an extra 54 horsepower, and it is a pure thrill. You can see all the cool details in this car here.

Specs to Know:

  • Electric Range: 248 miles
  • Starting Price: $58,890
  • Battery: 77.4 kWh
Favorite Electric Cars

The Toyota RAV4 Prime gives you the best of both worlds. Seriously. You’re never going to want to go back. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle: Toyota RAV4 Prime

“Before you get all caught up in the EV discussion — is an EV right for me? Can I really live with an electric car? What changes will I need to make to my routine? — remember that you can have the best of both worlds: electric and gas. Oh, and an all wheel drive SUV. Meet the Toyota RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid SUV,” Scotty writes. And she’s right. The Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV will give you 42 whole entire miles of fully-electric range before you need to touch the gas, which means you’ll have ample time to learn just what makes electric cars so special.

Scotty loved so much about this PHEV: its rapid acceleration, its long electric range and excellent gas mileage (38 mpg!), all-wheel drive, and plenty of drive modes. It might just be the thing that convinces you that you don’t need gasoline in your life!

Specs to Know:

  • Electric Range: 42 miles (with 38 MPG from the hybrid engine)
  • Starting Price: $38,100
  • Battery: 18 kWh
Favorite Electric Cars

Meet the PHEV that converted one of our writers: the Mitsubishi Outlander. Photo: Erica Mueller

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle: Mitsubishi Outlander

Erica Mueller’s sentiments about PHEVs echoed those of a lot of folks: “Would it really feel like a sports utility vehicle I could load the family into for a camping trip, or would I constantly whine about the lack of power when I tried to accelerate? The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV was my first experience with a PHEV and I’ve gotta say, it exceeded my expectations in every way.”

That’s because Erica lives a pretty demanding lifestyle. Her SUVs need to put in work. They need to be as heavy-duty as they are comfortable, as affordable as they are powerful, and as capable as they are spacious. The Outlander had her convinced.

Specs to Know:

  • Electric Range: 22 miles (with 26 MPG from the hybrid engine)
  • Starting Price: $34,595
  • Battery: 14 kWh

When shopping for an electric car, hybrid or PHEV, assess your needs and capabilities honestly. If you can’t regularly charge at car at home, a hybrid may be a better choice. If you frequently take long drives to places where electric charging isn’t as prevalent, a PHEV that you can keep charged for short distance driving may be the way to go. And keep in mind that most all electric models have several battery options which can impact not only driving range, but also horsepower, all wheel drive capability and price.

But no matter which way you decide to go, welcome to the future of driving. And to the fun of electric car driving!

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