Introducing the Chrysler Calm Cabin for People With Autism

Traveling with kids with autism can be a challenge. So Chrysler partnered with the Autism Society of America to create the Calm Cabin for the Pacifica – and solutions for families.

Chrysler Has Partnered With The Autisim Society To Help Sensitive Patients Have A Better Ride
Chrysler has partnered with the Autisim Society to help sensitive patients have a better ride. Photo: Stellantis

A serene environment can make life easier for people with Autism and their caregivers.

Car rides were notoriously rough when [my son] was younger,” says Donna Biroczky, a California mom of an adult son with autism. “The bumps in the road, honking of other cars and sounds coming from multiple sources made it very difficult to keep him calm.”

You might not realize how much goes into an ordinary outing if you’re not connected to someone with autism.

For those who are struggling with this reality, there is now an answer: Chrysler’s Calm Cabin, a researched package of amenities that will help to calm autistic passengers. April  is Autism Acceptance Month, and Chrysler gave a nod to the observance in a big way with the introduction of Calm Cabin. The package is available for Chrysler Pacifica and Chrysler Pacifica plug-in hybrid minivans.

Earlier this month at the New York International Auto Show, Chrysler CEO Chris Feel announced the company’s new partnership with the Autism Society of America, speaking alongside ASA president Christopher Banks. It’s Chrysler’s desire to support travelers with autism. The goal of the collaboration and the Calm Cabin package is to make those with autism feel calm, safe, and comfortable and in general, make the lives of families with members on the autism spectrum easier as they navigate life in cars. 

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Christine Feuell And The Chrysler Pacifica

Christine Feuell, CEO of Chrysler and Christopher Banks, CEO of the Autism Society of America, with the Chrysler Pacifica. Photo: Stellantis

This Initiative Goes Beyond Puzzle Pieces and Infinity Symbols

And Chrysler is walking their talk. Autism awareness has been traditionally represented by a puzzle piece of an infinity symbol. Though most people are familiar with the phrase “autism awareness,” Chrysler says we can commit to more than awareness.

It’s no longer enough to simply be aware of autism or to understand what autism is. Most people know what autism is or know someone with autism. Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the United States. One in 36 children is diagnosed with autism, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Chrysler is putting that understanding into action. 

“We’re proud to offer life-enriching opportunities for individuals with autism and their families,” Chris Feuell said, and “bring a little harmony to people’s lives, whether they are on a long road trip or running a quick errand.”

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This Activity Kit Is Attached The Seat Back Of The Front Driver'S Seat

This activity kit is attached the seat back of the front driver’s seat. Photo: Stellantis

Autism and Cars – What you Might not Have Considered

Those without family or friends on the autism spectrum might not consider how stressful vehicles can be. Being in a car can be overstimulating and uncomfortable. For some, even short, routine trips can become a difficult, challenging experience. 

Part of the commitment to a deeper understanding of autism is to realize that driving to regularly occurring activities such as school or sports practices can impact people with autism differently. If you’re not impacted by autism, you probably think loading your kids in the car for a trip to the park is no big deal, aside from bickering and standard kid car messes. Families impacted by autism must deal with all the routine car things, plus some. 

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A Calming Kit In The Chrysler Pacifica

A calming kit in the Chrysler Pacifica. Photo: Stellantis

What do You Get With the Calm Cabin Setup?

Here’s a rundown of everything included:

  • Seat-back organizer with adjustable straps, five front pockets, interior clear pocket that holds a tablet computer, and a black mesh pocket.
  • Rechargeable, cordless Bluetooth meditative light and sound therapy machine that fits in the center pocket of the seat-back organizer. with five LED color modes, four light therapy modes, a breathing coach, and 15 sound therapy modes.
  • Comforting seat belt sleeve with soft-touch velvet feel.
  • Comforting soft-touch travel pillow.
  • Seven-layer, 12-pound weighted sensory blanket.

Though autism looks a little different for everyone, the overall sensory experience in the car for people with autism will be improved with these features. 

The Calm Cabin package will be available through Chrysler’s online merchandise retail store,, in late spring. 

What Do Parents Think?

Would you adjust your car purchase if an auto manufacturer were responsive to your family’s needs? Shannon K., a parent from Kansas, said parents of autistic kids are always adapting to environments to make sure their kids can be accommodated. 

“It’s nice for a brand to start to recognize that those accommodations are not just for the minority but could be used widely by everybody,” she explains. “It’s nice to see an auto brand work with an organization that truly has the best interests of autistic adults and children in mind. This definitely means that I will keep Chrysler in mind for the future for any of our vehicle needs as one of the first to come forward to provide services that could be used by my family.”

Christine Feuell And Christopher Banks, Ceo Of The Autism Society Of America In The Chrysler Pacifica

Christine Feuell and Christopher Banks, CEO of the Autism Society of America in the Chrysler Pacifica. Photo: Stellantis

More Initiatives from Chrysler

Chrysler will use its media platforms during April to encourage their followers to make donations, spread awareness of the need for early diagnosis of autism, and promote inclusion. 

Chrysler will also provide a one-year courtesy loan of three 2023 Chrysler Pacifica Pinnacle vehicles for use by the Autism Society.

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Next Up for Chrysler x Autism Society of America?

Identifying additional areas where the brand can support and affect change in the autism community is on the agenda. This includes creating a personalized dealership customer experience for people with autism and their loved ones.

“The Autism Society of America is proud to partner with Chrysler to create an improved and inclusive driving experience for the autism community,” said Christopher Banks, president and CEO of the Autism Society of America. “With a trusted partner like Chrysler, our work is amplified as we collaborate to instill inclusive workplace practices, product accommodations and create more opportunities for the autism community to live fully.”

Chrysler’s partnership with the Autism Society of America is the first of its kind. Both organizations are committed to listening and making the initiative the best it can be.

“Having four kids in my car most of the time, I could have used a Calm Cabin to keep us all safe and comfortable on road trips, errands and the many doctor’s appointments,” Donna told us. “Organizing the many things we’d pack to help him tolerate the ride was a problem in itself.”

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