This May Be the Most Awesome Set of Wheels Ever. Seriously. Meet the Scewo Bro Power Wheelchair

Scewo Bro Wheel Chair

It also may be the most liberating review ever.

Ok ok, this isn’t a car, but it IS a vehicle, and an important one at that. Navigating around the mammoth Las Vegas CES event in a wheelchair meant that accessibility was at the forefront of my mind, so when I saw this chair clambering down stairs, I knew I had to take a closer look! I was intrigued and thrilled to discover the Scewo Bro wheel chair.

What started as a project by 10 students in Switzerland back in 2014, Bro, the stair-climbing wheelchair is now a fully-fledged medical device sold in Europe and soon to enter the American market. Scewo aims to create a world where those with reduced mobility can discover independence.

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Scewo Bro Is Controlled By A Phone App.

Scewo Bro is controlled by a phone app. Photo: Liv Leigh controls

What It’s Liked to Command the Wheelchair of the Future

Locking my breaks by hand, I stepped out of my old-school, manual wheelchair and easily slipped onto Bro, the cushy and capable wheelchair of the future. After some quick instruction by CEO Berhard Winter, I easily navigated the intuitive controls and joystick and nimbly zipped off down the show floor.

With multiple different modes including park, rough terrain, a raise mode to reach tall objects and, of course, stair climb mode, Bro is literally capable of handling any terrain it encounters. I quickly experienced that capability as I zoomed up to a short flight of stairs, easily turned Bro around, activated stair mode, and simply pressed the joystick as Bro safely transported me. I was absolutely shocked at how comfortable and secure I felt as it clambered up and down the stairs and I marveled at the stability when CEO, Benny, had me stop in the middle of the climb to show how it only moves when you command it.

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Scewo’s Features Create Ultimate Freedom-Independent Mobility

A simple app screen allows you to customize literally everything about the chair including lighting, foot position, tilt, back angle, and adjust your speed ability with the swipe of a finger. A remote phone-operated mode is being integrated to allow the user to pack up the chair and load it in a vehicle without needing any help from an able-bodied person to do so. The whole experience made me feel powerful, capable, and limitless, and I’m so excited for this chair to get into the American market!

You can even see the Scewo load itself into the back of a Tesla. Amazing. This type of tech is what CES is all about. And, what the future of mobility is all about.


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The Scewo Bro is sold in Europe but is making its way to the US – hopefully soon. It is said to cost about $38,000, so yes, the price of a car, but also it delivers priceless mobility. I can’t wait.

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