See the Best New Cars at the 2023 New York Auto Show

The 2023 New York Auto Show
The 2023 New York Auto Show

As well as the big winners of the 2023 World Car Awards

I have to confess, I like to go to auto shows. I like to look at the cars and discuss them with my friends. I like to compare features, try out the technology and drive the simulators. If you’re shopping for a new car, there’s no place like the auto show to do it. 

And this year’s New York Auto Show may be the best yet. Yes, it’s smaller, with fewer brands on the exhibit, but there is more to see and do than ever before. 

There are 5 ride-along tracks that allow you to experience a car first hand; they include Camp Jeep, Toyota’s Thrill Ride, Ford’s Mustang Mach E track, Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6 track and the full EV track on the lower level. Then, you can shop for Ford merchandise — Hello Bronco jackets and water bottles! 

You can try your hand at Olympic events at Toyota’s sports village or drive a remote controlled car on a simulator; the simulator is part of the Volkswagen exhibit but the cars are on a small track at the show’s entrance. Or, stop by Genesis and relax in their lounge and grab a latte. 

You can even experience driving drunk, drugged or distracted at the Arrive Alive simulator which shows you just how dangerous these things are. 

And then, you can shop for a new car. You can compare cars across a category—say, all the new SUVs—learn about new technology and ask questions, all pressure free. You can’t actually buy a car at the auto show. 

If you’re anywhere near New York City this week, here’s what you should see at the New York Auto Show. 


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All the Best Electrics are on Display

From Chevrolet’s full lineup of electric cars — starting with the Bolt and Bolt EUV to the Equinox (the most affordable electric SUV on the market and set to make its debut this summer) the Blazer (a more stylish and badass electric SUV set to start selling this Spring) and the all electric Silverado (this electric pickup truck has the most innovative truck bed ever), you can get a feel for what electric cars should be—and all these qualify for the federal $7,500 tax incentive as well as local and regional tax credits. 

Then, you can see the Kia EV6 GT, just named the 2023 World Performance Car, beating out several other top performance cars including the new Porsche 911. 

The 2023 New York Auto Show

The 2023 New York Auto Show


And don’t miss the Kia EV9, the first major market 3 row electric SUV. This futuristic SUV has some novel details including relax mode in which the front seats slide, recline and extend a foot rest. So you can relax while you charge the car.  

The Porsche-esque Hyundai Ioniq 6, which is following in the footsteps of its sibling, the Ioniq 5, not just with great electric performance, but also being named World Car of the Year, World Electric car and World Car Design of the Year — essentially sweeping the awards for the second year in a row. 

Just next to Hyundai is the Genesis exhibit where you can see the Genesis GV60 and GV70 electric cars, or you can pop over to Lexus to see the first ever electric Lexus RZ. Hop in to the driver’s seat and check out the head up display and touch-sensitive track pads on the steering wheel; you’ll be amazed. 

If you want to see just how electric cars are configured, Volkswagen has a display that shows how the batteries are configured under the cabin of the ID.4. Just next to it is the Volkswagen ID Buzz electric van. You can climb in see how the steering wheel feels in your hand, how the seats feel and take in the modern design. While there’s a 2-row 5 passenger version on display, it will come to the US next year in a 3-row 7 or 8 passenger version with all wheel drive, 300 horsepower and a range of about 275 miles and we can’t wait.

If you want to see the ultimate in performance, you can head over to Dodge to see the Dodge Daytona Concept, an electrified version of the brand’s iconic muscle cars. It’s not out yet but Dodge says when it is it’ll have 710 horsepower and engine sounds — even though it’s electric. 

You can also see the Ram 1500 REV, the first electric truck from Ram. Out later this year, it promises battery options than can deliver 350 miles on a charge, a more powerful one that delivers 500 miles, and towing of up to 14,000 pounds. All in a very pretty, very premium Ram pickup truck.

See the Height of Style and Design 

There’s no shortage of style in New York and the NY Auto Show is no exception. This year you can see the Genesis GV80 Coupe Concept, a four door fastback SUV. Details have not been announced, but we expect to see this SUV roll off the assembly line later this year and to pack a lot of power; the concept has sport brakes, sport seats and they painted it “Magma Orange” hinting that it will be a very hot car. 

On display just next to Genesis is a small BMW exhibit featuring the i7, iX and XM electric cars. The i7 is the most luxurious sedan in BMW’s lineup, and the iX and XM set new standards for luxury and electric performance. 

Over near Dodge is the Alfa Romeo exhibit featuring the newest member of the family, the Tonale compact SUV. It’s outfitted with all the elegance of Alfa Romeo and also comes with a plug; it can be charged and drive about 35 miles before the gas motor takes over. The Tonale will hit dealers showrooms later this year. If you’d like to see its Dodge doppelgänger, just duck around the corner to see the Dodge Hornet. 

Find Your Adventure

For those who want to get out of the city and off the grid, there are some great choices. Volkswagen introduced the VW Atlas Peak Edition. It comes standard with all wheel drive, all terrain tires and cladding around the wheels and rocker panels to keep rocks and brush from dinging the paint. 

The Honda Pilot Trailsport is also on display, allowing guests to see all its off road chops and on road comforts. 

For those who need true 4 wheel drive, there is a new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe with about 25 miles of electric driving and about 300 miles of hybrid gas driving. You can also save the electric power and use the gas engine until you get to the trail head and drive on silent electric on the trail. 

You can also see all the Ford Bronco trims, the Nissan Pathfinder Rock Creek Edition and a full lineup of Subaru models in the brand’s National Park themed exhibit. 

And if your adventure is more about hotel-focused road trip family time, you can see the brand new Toyota Grand Highlander hybrid, which will get about 35 MPG when it’s out later this year, and the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer which while not the most MPG-focused SUVs, are a great alternative to the Lincoln Navigator and Cadillac Escalade.

What else do I like about the auto show? No sales pressure. You can sit in all the seats of many cars on the show floor, see how the driver’s seat fits you and ask questions before you line up your test drives. And that’s a wonderful thing! 

The New York Auto Show runs daily through April 16th at Manhattan’s Jacob Javits Convention Center. Tickets are $21 for adults, $7 for children and there are discounts for large groups. 

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