8 Tesla Facts That Make Us Love This Brand Even More

Tesla Electric Car Facts

I may be biased, but personally, I love Tesla.

Even though most car makers have introduced electric cars, and there are a slew of new electric car makers, and even though CEO Elon Musk keeps getting into hot water for other things, such as how he runs Twitter and his sophomoric sense of humor, I still think Tesla is the best electric car maker out there.

The cars are beautiful and it’s a very innovative company. After all, who sends one of their cars to space and pays homage to the 1987 comedy Space Balls with Ludicrous Speed Mode?

These may be insignificant Tesla facts to some, but others appreciate it (ahem, my fellow Tesla nerds). Tesla‘s innovation and technological advancements have been astonishing and highly impressive and helped to spur an entire changeover in the automotive industry. 

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Tesla 3 Automatic Trunk

Tesla cars are a techie’s dream AND they’re easy to work on. Photo: Sulay Mesa

Tesla Facts Give This Innovative Car Personality and Spirit

There are so many interesting things about this company. Yes, we can talk about the specs of the car and why you should get a Tesla over any other electric car, but there is something so different about Tesla that it’s hard to beat. They are eccentric and quirky. They make nerdy references — some appreciate more than others (pardon me, fart mode). Tesla, arguably, goes above and beyond what any other car manufacturer does. So here are my favorite fun facts about Tesla.

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1. Tesla Wants to Improve the World, So All Its Patents are Open Source

According to the Tesla Blog Post published in 2014 by Elon Musk, Tesla patents are open source. Basically, they are free to use by other car manufacturers. Musk believes that applying this philosophy will strengthen the Tesla brand, rather than diminish its technological advancement.  Their mission statement says it all. “Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”

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2. Innovation Extends into Space … With SpaceX

Elon Musk has his eye on space and SpaceX is the most successful non-government space agency. The company sent a Tesla into space. In February 2018, he launched a cherry red Tesla roadster into orbit, with a “dummy” aka Starman, in the driver’s seat. What some people may not know is that SpaceX was founded back in 2002. It accomplished a major feat in 2010 when they were “the only private company capable of returning a spacecraft from low Earth Orbit.” When Elon Musk was asked about launching a Tesla into space he said: “Well, I think it looks so ridiculous and impossible and you can tell it’s real because it looks so fake.” The YouTube video is definitely worth the watch if you’re interested in knowing more about SpaceX.

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3. Tesla Has a strong Commitment to Safety

Tesla might be accused of being “too safe.” Its push for automated self driving, which is expected to reduce road fatalities, has been consistent, and even though there have been accidents, Tessa’s system is seen as being industry-leading. But when it comes to crash testing, Tesla also claims a top spot alongside brands like Honda and Volvo for its IIHS, or Insurance Institute for Highway Safety crash test ratings. The company proudly touted its crash test performance in 2017 in which the Model 3 out performed a Volvo S60. Tesla shared crash test results via Twitter.

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4. This is an Affordable Luxury Electric Car

In 2017 Tesla introduced the Model 3 with a starting price of about $35,000. It took the company more than a year to finally deliver those bargain-priced electric cars, but since, the company has tinkered with the price to continue to bring it down. With federal tax incentives, a buyer may be able to buy a base Model 3 for $27,000, one of the most affordable electric cars, period. And for those who want all the fancy stuff? Customers can add options that increase the value of the car, including semi-autonomous Autopilot equipment, more driving range and enhanced technology.

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A Girls Guide To Cars | 8 Tesla Facts That Make Us Love This Brand Even More - Roadster Rear Profile

I could stare at this all day! Photo: Tesla

5. Inspired by a True Innovator, Nikola Tesla

Tesla is named after the legendary Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla was a Siberian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and innovator. He is best known for his contributions to the design of our modern-day AC (alternating current) electrical system. So naming a sustainable electric company after him makes perfect sense.  I truly do believe, that if Nikola Tesla were alive today, he would be certainly be honored.

A Girls Guide To Cars | 8 Tesla Facts That Make Us Love This Brand Even More - Tesla Design Studio

The Tesla Design Studio Photo: Tesla.com

6. You Don’t Just Buy a Tesla. You Custom Order It

You can’t just walk into a dealership and buy a Tesla. This is a common Tesla fact, however, if you didn’t know, you’re welcome. For one to purchase a Tesla, you have to preorder one. You start with the Design Studio and create a Tesla that fits your wants/needs, and they custom build each one at their factory in California. Once your Tesla is built, it is shipped to the nearest service center for pickup. The great part is if the nearest service center is 160+ miles away, your vehicle can be shipped directly to your home or business. In order to complete the process, you’ll have to complete a contract and make a $2,500 order payment.

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7. It’s a Techie’s Delight

For all the techies out there, Tesla has built the largest touch screen interface panel inside of a car. It measures at a whopping 17 inches. The dashboard is also all digital. How cool is that?

As technology advances, so does the future of self-driving cars.

8. We Know About Ludicrous Mode, but Do you Know About Celebration Mode?

In The Grand Tour (one of my favorite car shows ever, besides the original –Top Gear), Jeremy Clarkson races in a Tesla. The very end shows what Celebration Mode is. It is definitely a humorous and obnoxious way to celebrate a notorious win as Clarkson did, but it was well earned and fun.

Are You Convinced?

When Tesla was first introduced, I couldn’t believe that an electric car could be as fast or let alone as fun as a good old fashioned manual car. However, having an open mind about the advances in technology and cars leaves you without disappointment.  In my opinion, Tesla is “perfectenschlag” as Dwight Schrute would say, or for me, “Herfectenschlag:” Perfect for any girl who wants a great, and innovative, car.

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