6 of the Most Affordable Luxury Cars for Women Under $40,000

A Girls Guide To Cars | 6 Of The Most Affordable Luxury Cars For Women Under $40,000 - Luxury Car

Should the words ‘affordable luxury cars’ even be used in the same sentence? 

Now that I’m older, what I used to consider a luxury car isn’t quite what I consider luxury now.  Back in the day, luxury meant automatic windows, a nice CD player with AM/FM stereo, and let’s not forget cruise control!  And quite honestly, are true luxury vehicles even affordable?

Fast forward to now and I am all about heated and cooled leather seats, navigation, a panoramic roof, a premium stereo, safety systems and great design.

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Can I Really Find a Luxury Car For Under $40,000? 

Normally when we all think of a “luxury” car, we think of vehicles whose price points start at $60,000. That theory had me wondering if you could really find a luxury vehicle that started under $40,000. To find out if you could really buy a luxury car for under $40,000, I started looking at all the auto manufacturers who produce cars that I consider luxury.

What Car Brands Are Considered Luxury?

When you think of a luxury vehicle, what names come to mind?

  • BMW
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Lexus
  • Infiniti
  • Cadillac
  • Range Rover
  • Lincoln
  • Audi
  • Maserati
  • Porsche
  • Jaguar
  • Alfa Romeo
  • Maserati
  • Volvo

What Features Do You Consider Luxury In A Car? 

I asked several of my readers and friends what they felt were luxury items in a car. Many felt as I do that leather seats, heated seats, navigation, and integrated technology (such as Alexa or Apple Car Play) were on the top of their list. Some, though, mentioned a few additional items like keyless entry, safety sensors, a surround view camera, and upgraded interior details.

With a list of luxury features, as well as the list of vehicles, that are considered luxury, I started to do some online research to see if luxury cars under $40,000 really exist?

After I wrote down all vehicles that I considered luxurious cars, I went to their website sites and started looking around. Unfortunately, many on my list above do not make the under $40,000 price point. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the number of automobile manufacturers that actually DO produce luxury vehicles that DO have a price point starting under $40,000!

Here is my list of 6 of the Most Affordable Luxury Cars Under $40,000!

1. Audi A4 – starts at $36,000.
2. Lexus ES – starts at $38,900
3. Lincoln MKZ – starts at $35,170
4. BMW 3 Series – starts at $34,400
5. Volvo S60 – starts at $33,950
6. Infiniti Q50 – starts at $34,200
Now, let’s talk about these gorgeous affordable luxury cars, shall we?

Affordable Luxury Cars

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Most Affordable Luxury Car #1: Audi A4

This beautiful car is a top safety pick and received a 5 Star overall safety rating! Some of the features are:
Customizable Information Center

  • Heated leather seats
  • Peppy 4 cylinder turbo engine
  • 31 mpg
  • Rear Cross Traffic Assist

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The Lexus ES delivers quality and luxury with a price tag under $40,000. Photo: Becky Fixel

Most Affordable Luxury Car #2: Lexus ES

Is it a bad thing that I need I need to upgrade to a Lexus? This car is gorgeous! Let’s talk all the fun options, shall we?

  • 30 mpg
  • 268 horsepower
  • Mark Levinson Audio System
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Lots of Rear Leg Room
  • Affordable Luxury Cars

    Photo courtesy of Lincoln

Most Affordable Luxury Car #3: Lincoln MKZ

Lincoln is not going to be outdone with the MKZ. This car is not only filled with luxury, with a price point starting at $35,170, you could definitely add a few options and still have it under $40,000!

Here are a few of the options that are available in a Lincoln:

  • 4 cylinder turbo charged engine
  • 31 mpg
  • Seating for 5
  • Panoramic Sunroof
  • Pickup and Delivery of your vehicle for service
  • A loaner vehicle while your vehicle is being worked on
  • Illuminated scuff plates
  • Sync 3 infotainment system

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Affordable Luxury Cars

Photo courtesy of BMW

Most Affordable Luxury Car #4: BMW 3 Series

This model of BMW starts at $34,900 but it’s not a starter car. This luxury car with a great base price also adds a great drive experience and room for your besties in the back seat. Add a few extra options and you can still be under $40,000!

Some of the options available in the 3 Series (and still keeping the price under $40K) are:

  • 4 cylinder twin turbo engine
  • Heated seats and steering wheel
  • Apple Car Play
  • Wireless Charging and WiFi
  • Ambient lighting front/rear

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Photo courtesy of Volvo

Most Affordable Luxury Car #5: Volvo S60

This model happens to have one of the lower price points at $33,950. You could really add on a few extras to keep this under $40,000 very easily.

One of the features that caught my eye first about the Volvo was the fact that the rear passengers, on the outside, can have heated seats!

  • 249 horsepower engine
  • Bowers & Wilkins Premium Sound
  • Headlight washers
  • Power moon roof
  • Steering wheel controls
  • Puddle lights to illuminate your path
Affordable Luxury Cars Under 40,000

Infiniti comes through to meet our under $40k requirement with the Q50. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Most Affordable Luxury Car #6: Infiniti Q50

This is another auto that is at the lower end of the under $40,000 for a luxury car. This particular model starts at $34,200. That will give you a lot of room for a few fun options!

Some of the lovely options are:

  • Maple wood trim
  • Intelligent key and push button start
  • Touch screen infotainment system
  • Leatherette seating
  • Top active safety features

Now, doesn’t owning a luxury car seem a little more affordable? And, are you ready to go car shopping with your significant other and convince him that he just might like being a little spoiled?

Rhonda is an Ohio native who now calls Indiana home, hence the name Transplanted Buckeye Media. As a mom... More about Rhonda Brown