Tesla’s Model 3: Clean Energy … Dirty Fingers???

Tesla 3 Automatic Trunk

It doesn’t have an automatic-opening trunk. But this quick work-around lets me open it with my phone!

When I hear the word Tesla, I think about the car of the future, right here, right now.

Tesla  is accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy with electric cars, solar panels and renewable energy solutions for homes; so why on earth does the Model 3 leave me with dirty fingers every time I open its trunk?!

As an unofficial Tesla ambassador and enthusiastic owner, my love for the brand started with our Model X and continues with our Model 3. When I look at all other cars, no matter how pretty or expensive, I always ask,“Yeah, but does it drive itself? Does it navigate on autopilot and change lanes by itself? Does it regularly receive software updates that increase the value of the vehicle?” Nope, nope and nope!  

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Tesla 3 Automatic Trunk

The rear end of the Tesla 3 is where dirt naturally accumulates. Photo: Sulay Mesa

So Why on Earth Does the Model 3 Leave Me With Dirty Fingers Every Time I Open the Trunk?!?

It really pains me so to say that Tesla dropped the ball when they decided to make the Model 3 without an automatic opening trunk. I wish that I could tell you that it is only the base model Model3 that does not have an automatic trunk… but that my friends, would be a lie.

No matter what options you choose on your Model 3, even if you get the performance model, you cannot have an automatic trunk. And, the aerodynamics of the vehicle directs dirt precisely to the place where you have to put your fingers to open the trunk release. It’s significantly dirtier than the rest of the car.  

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What’s A Girl To Do?

After almost 6 months of owning our Model 3, I had to find a solution. Luckily, I found a way to make an easy and inexpensive modification: Replace the trunk struts with struts with springs. This allows me to open the trunk with the Tesla app on my cell phone. I found a video made by an owner who made the modification on his own vehicle, so I ordered the struts, springs and washers so I could install the fix on my own car.

I am by no means mechanical, so changing the original parts of my beautiful car scared me at first; but my determination won out. The modification was supposed to be relatively easy. For me, it was not; it took me a few minutes to get the struts out and the new ones in. But I did it. This video shows how: 

And … Problem Solved!

Every time that I arrive at my car with a cart full of groceries, or with my son’s hockey bag, I rejoice in knowing that I have solved my one and only problem with my amazing Model 3. 

Yes, I wish the Model3 came with an automatic trunk, but sometimes even your dream car needs a little tweaking.

If you own a Model 3 and hate dirtying your hands every time you open your trunk, this is a solution you can perform by yourself.  Yes, the trunk will open automatically once you finish, but know that you will still have to close it by hand.  Luckily, the top of the trunk is cleaner than the release button so at least that will be less bothersome!

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