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James Charles Tesla X
James Charles Tesla XCredit: James Charles
July 14, 2024
It has to be electric. And an SUV. And Fancy. Has makeup wunderkind and Tik Tok star James Charles found…
Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y. Photo: Sara LaceyCredit: Sara Lacey
February 27, 2024
In the depths of the pandemic, I needed a new car. It seemed to be the perfect time to try…
The Tesla Cybertruck
The Tesla Cybertruck. Photo: Scotty Reiss
February 3, 2024
Once I drove it, it was clear: The Tesla Cybertruck is a character from a video game that protects you…
The Tesla Ccs Adapter Lets Tesla Owners Charge At Ccs Chargers. Photo: Tesla
The Tesla CCS Adapter lets Tesla owners charge at CCS Chargers. Photo: Tesla
July 29, 2023
Tesla seems to have won the battle of the plug, with many car makers adapting the NACS electric car charging…
A Girls Guide To Cars | You Need This: A Car Refrigerator Cool Box - Cadillac Escalade Cool
July 21, 2023
A car refrigerator may be the ultimate luxury addition to a car, a console that keeps drinks cold or help…
Genesis Gv60 Featured Image
July 20, 2023
With $2K, $5K even $10K discounts on electric cars, is it time to plug in to this hot market? We…
A Girls Guide To Cars | Tesla Cars And The Celebrities Who Love To Drive Them - Celebrity Jaden Smith Pink Tesla
October 17, 2021
Tesla cars aren't just for people who are like EVs, they are also adored by celebrities who love the luxury,…
A Girls Guide To Cars | Is A Luxury Car Calling Your Name? Here Are The Cars Your Neighbors Are Shopping For, Too - 2021 Vw Id4 Review Featured Image
October 13, 2021
A little status goes a long way, which is why you might want to be driving one of the most…
Automotive Companies Automotive Brands
Photo: Erik McLean from Unsplash
October 3, 2021
Ever find yourself wondering which automotive companies own which automotive brands? We'll take you through everything you need to know…
Electric Vehicles In The Us
Photo: Beat Jau on Unsplash
August 21, 2021
It can be confusing to keep up with new car releases—but if you're looking to go green, we have all…