What Is the Best Tire For Your Car? Find Your Perfect Match

Which tires are best for your car? And how do you know? We asked the experts at Pirelli how to know which types of tires are ideal for different types of cars.

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We asked the experts at Pirelli for a few tips.

Springtime is in the air. The flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and the temperatures are warming up. However strong your particular case of spring fever may be, we are all looking for our perfect match this time of year. While we can’t help you in the romance department, we can help with another match: finding the perfect set of tires for your ride.

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We asked tire expert Ian Coke from Pirelli Tires to guide us through the different types of tires, what they are best for and how they can provide the perfect match for any type of car.

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A Big Car Should Not Mean Big Compromises

Bigger cars usually mean big tires, which can result in lots of road noise. Your love for your crossover, SUV, or light truck should not mean sacrificing a quiet and comfortable ride. If your heart is as big as your car, the Scorpion AS Plus 3 are the tires for you. The tread pattern was perfectly designed to eliminate road noise while also giving you maximum contact with the road for ultimate control. Not only will these tires take care of your big big car, but they will carry you anywhere you want to go safely.

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Get In Touch with Nature

Maybe you’re more of a woodsy adventure type, and springtime for you means dusting off your backpacking equipment and getting ready to set out on another adventure on a road less traveled. You need tires that can keep up with all the gravel, mud and rocky roads you throw at them. Tires optimized for performance both on and off road also let you plan that cross country road trip to a gem of a backwoods camping spot without any fears.

Get it: Scorpion All Terrain Plus

The Unmatched Feeling of Confidence

We can’t say enough about run flat tires. Confidence on any road, the ability to drive with a flat tire, the assurance that you won’t be stuck with a flat tire. Run flat tires will give you that extra edge. They can support the weight of your car even when they can’t hold air pressure, meaning you will never be stuck on the side of the road trying to change to your spare. This also means you can bypass carrying a spare around in your trunk and save some money on fuel due to the reduced weight.

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Are All-Season Tires (Like These Pirelli P Zeros) Always The Way To Go Photo: Pirelli

Are all-season tires (like these Pirelli P Zeros) always the way to go Photo: Pirelli

The Relaxing Ride of All Season Tires

You enjoy the finer things in life: a relaxing ride in a capable and powerful vehicle. No matter the season, all season tires are there for you. They are high-performance in all conditions due to a rubber compound to keep you going through thick and thin. These tires will safely and luxuriously navigate you through the wild and sometimes unpredictable spring weather, from spring showers, dry spells, and even light snow. And then, they’ll easily transition to summer, fall and winter. With these tires you can fully relax and enjoy the ride!

Get it:Scorpion Zero All Season Plus

Porsche By Some Cool Doors. Photo: Sara Lacey

Got an old timer? Maybe the Pirelli Collezione are the tires for you. Photo: Sara Lacey

Antique Shopper, You Need Tires Befitting Your Collectible Ride

Are you a collector of things forgotten by the sands of time? Do you enjoy imagining the lives that your possessions may have lived before they came into your care? Do you yearn for timeless style alongside the technological advancements of today? Look for tires designed to best compliment the performance of your car, from its weight to its power and suspension. Tire manufacturers who make tires for vintage cars look at the specifications of the original tires designated for your car and allow you to recreate the consistency and performance your vintage car deserves.

Get it: Pirelli Collezione Tires 

Electric Love: Electric Cars Need Special Tires

Maybe leaving the past in the rear view mirror is more your speed. You like to barrel head first into the future with environmental awareness as your top priority which is why you drive an electric car. You want to reduce your environmental impact, but not at the cost of getting where you need to go. Tires designed for the specialized needs of electric cars are what you need. Whether it’s the ability to handle the extra weight of the car, the differing center of gravity, lower resistance that uses less energy or the imperative of noise reduction – which would normally be obscured with a loud combustion engine – these tires deliver all the performance you need without sacrificing the all important range so essential to the enjoyment of your electric car.

Get it: P-Zero All Season Plus Elect

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 Has A Ton Of Torque For Playful Driving In The Snow. Photo: Pexels

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 has a ton of torque for playful driving in the snow. Make sure your tires can keep up! Photo: Pexels

Rain or Shine (or Snow) – Tires Make All the Difference

Our schedules are full from morning to night; who has time to schedule an appointment to change from winter to summer tires this time of year? Tires that are designed for cold and wet weather can be the ultimate answer. New tire compounds are designed to deliver secure handling performance all year long, especially in climates that have a longer winter and shorter summer. These tires allow you to be confident about getting to every appointment on time without a single second wasted – and without worrying that you don’t have the right tire for the weather.

Get it: Pirelli WeatherActive Tires

It’s stunning how much innovation is designed into our tires these days. For many brands, including Pirelli, that DNA that makes its way from the performance track and competitive motorsports ends up on millions of cars on the road. Add to that customer feedback and what they expect and need from their tires, and tire makers have a lot to offer.

Thankfully, all this lets us find our perfect match.

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