About Alice Pye

On a sunny April Fools’ Day, Alice bought a stick shift 1963 Ford F-100 on whim with absolutely no idea how to even begin to change a tire let alone drive a manual transmission vehicle. Since that fateful day, she has rebuilt the transmission (twice), swapped out the engine (also twice), rebuilt the carburetor (at least twice), rewired a majority of the electrical system, and somehow figured out how to drive a manual transmission that’s half a century old across the entire country, from California to New Orleans where she resides now. Alice is now an expert explainer for all things car care. You can follow her on Instagram at @alicepyescrustbuckets as well as on her website, www.alicepyewriter.com.

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Gum On The Car. Photo: @Turn_The_Paige Via Instagram.
Gum on the car. Photo: @turn_the_paige via Instagram.
April 7, 2023
Did you just drive over a wad of gum, and don’t know what to do? Here is our guide for how to remove gum from the outside of your car.
A Girls Guide To Cars | What Is The Best Tire For Your Car? Find Your Perfect Match - Best Tire For You. Featured
March 27, 2023
You don’t need a horoscope to find your perfect tire match – you just need a bit of expert advice. We asked Pirelli to help us find the best tire matches
Decals Featured. Photo: Alice Pye
Decals Featured. Photo: Alice Pye
March 6, 2023
Are the bumper stickers on your car no longer funny? Did that political candidate disappoint? Here’s how to remove car decals and stickers- an instant makeover!