Valentine’s Day: How to Plan a Date in a Car

Valentines Day Date Ideas In Your Car

Baby, You can drive my car! It’s Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re taking out someone new or plan to drive with your significant other, you’ll need to get your ride ready for a romantic day or night with your sweetheart. We’ll get you prepared for what to bring and where to spend your special day with that sweet, special someone.


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Keep These Basic Necessities in Your Car

  • Mints
    • I usually carry a box of Altoids. These are great for freshening up, especially after a meal or coffee.
  • Hand Sanitizer
    • Caring is sharing, but treat your germs like your ex and keep them at bay. Wash your hands often, and when you can’t, sanitize!
  • Tissues
    • These always come in handy. Say you watch a sappy drive-in movie and need to wipe away tears before your mascara runs. I’m not crying. You’re crying…
  • Playlists
    • Create some fun playlists with songs you can jam out to around town or across the state on a road trip. Or maybe you’re going to park the car and hang out to watch the stars at night. You’ll definitely want to be ready with just the right songs to dance and admire the stars in each other’s eyes.
  • Blankets
    • Whether you’re ready for a picnic or want to get cozy under a chilly night sky, you’ll look extra thoughtful and sweet.
  • Snacks and Drinks
    • A true test of how a relationship can last is proper food planning. How well can you tame the beast when you’re “hangry?” I know I have to carry my own crabby snacks, and as the saying goes, “If you love me, then feed me.” Enough said, right?
  • Small Makeup Bag
    • Don’t forget the touchups! Lipstick, balm, a nail file, and a brush can be helpful. You never know when you’ll have that epic photo opportunity, so avoid chapped lips and pucker up, gorgeous.

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Make Sure Your Shoes And Wheels Are Extra Sexy For Date Night.

Make sure to wear your sexy shoes to match those hot wheels. After all, you’re going to look red hot in that ride!

Valentine’s Day: How to Plan a Date in a Car

Now that we’ve got our basics covered, we can get to planning. People are so pressed for time these days, a date in the car is totally normal. Whether it’s a day trip to the park to look at the stars, a road trip to your favorite desert sunset, or even a movie, there’s plenty you can do.

3 Date Ideas to Help You Plan Your Date:

  1. Drive-In Movies or Attend a Concert: Some cities still host drive-in movies for a retro feel. If there isn’t one near you, buy concert tickets and head over to the amphitheater in style. There’s nothing like singing your favorite songs together or bonding over laughter in a movie. 
  2. Brunch/Lunch in the Park: If you love nature, sit outdoors and plan a picnic. Bring all your favorite foods and drinks, and have a plan to pack up to respect the environment, too. Sometimes all you need is to sit with the sounds of nature and each other to just enjoy simply being. Plus, if you can, park nearby, and you’ve got a wicked sound system to listen and dance to your favorite songs. It’s all about the little things. 
  3. Constellation Contemplation: Map out your perfect stargazing date night. Where are you willing to drive? You can stay close, drive a bit out of town, or go on a road trip. It’s up to you! If stargazing, make sure you keep warm and safe. Only park in safe, designated areas. Keep an eye out for wildlife as well. 

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Remember that with dates, a little goes a long way. Plan to do what feels right within your means. Being yourself and showing genuine interest in listening to each other will make the date more meaningful.

Where will your heart drive you?

Somewhere we will be fed, understood, and loved. That’s good enough for me! 

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