2022 Lincoln Navigator Review

My heartbeat speeds up every time I see the Lincoln Navigator. The large nautilus-inspired wheels, the classic full size SUV silhouette and a newly refined design are just the start.  I smile because I know just how much luxury its occupants are enjoying.

Who This Car is For

Families or drivers who regularly need 3 row. Families with kids in car seats; there are four sets of child passenger car seat anchors and 6 tether.

This is a full size 3-row SUV: it is 210” long and 76” high; driving it can take practice and precision. It seats 8 (7 with center row captains chairs)

What You Need to Know

This SUV is Big, but Get Over It. It’s Worth It

The Navigator, partly by its nature and partly by its engineering, is increasingly easy to manage. By the end of the week I was popping it into narrow parking spots alongside large SUVs and pickup trucks with ease.

The surround view cameras are a true gift. Just tap the button on the center of the dashboard just under the multimedia screen and you’ll get a wide view; tap the icons to pick your view.

Engineering Helps to Manage an SUV This Big

A Gentle, Intelligent Creature

This is one of my favorite details. Gone is the thick and cryptic bible of the car, stuffed in the glove box to be covered with receipts and expired insurance cards. Instead, it’s a set of menus on the multimedia system.

Seating That Fits You and Your Family 

The front seats adjust about a gazillion ways, from adjustable shoulder support to a headrest that extends or retracts, a  telescoping steering wheel AND adjustable foot pedals.

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