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Nautilus versus Corsair. Which one’s right for you?

Lincoln isn’t just your grandpa’s car any longer, they’ve seriously stepped up their game and are creating beautiful, sleek and sexy crossovers now. Let’s talk about the two 5-passenger crossovers, the Lincoln Nautilus versus the Lincoln Corsair.

I fell in love with the Nautilus at the Vancouver Auto Show and looked forward to driving it all year. Then, I got to drive the Corsair in late Summer so here are my thoughts on what makes these Lincolns a great choice if you’re in the market for a luxury crossover, and which one may be right for you.

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Corsair Moonroof

Lincoln Corsair and Nautilus both boast large a moonroof. Photo: Connie Peters

Difference in Size

The main and most obvious difference between the Corsair (previously MKC) and Nautilus (previously the MKX) is the size. So if it’s interior cargo and legroom you’re after, the Nautilus may be for you. If you’re okay with a more compact vehicle with all the safety (and even more tech) and want better fuel mileage, the Corsair is perfection.

The rear trunk cargo space is 28 cubic feet behind the passengers in the Corsair and 37 in the Nautilus making either a good choice for daily haulings like groceries, a stroller or even road trips.

The Nautilus is 9″ longer, 2″ wider and 2″ taller, providing a bit more legroom for rear passengers and overall space per person.

Nautilus Interior

Plenty of space in the interior of the Nautilus. Photo: Connie Peters

Both Offer the Peak of Luxury in Driving

Both the Corsair and Nautilus have plenty of luxury touches like leather and power seating, beautiful wood and chrome finishings and exterior styling, but I especially loved the more modern Corsair interior.

Following several high-end European brands, Lincoln has chosen to place the seat controls on the door instead of on the bottom left of the driver and passenger seats. It definitely takes some getting used to, as your hand naturally reaches down to adjust your seat. Of course, if this was your daily driver, the memory function would always respond to your previous settings. The controls on the door do look a little cluttered, however.

A Girls Guide To Cars | Lincoln: Nautilus Versus Corsair, Take Your Pick - Nautilusjpg

Lincoln Nautilus is slightly bigger than Corsair. Photo: Connie Peters

Feel the Need for Speed

On both the Corsair and the Nautilus you have two engine options. You can go from 250 horsepower to 350 with a V6 in the Nautilus and from 250 to 290 horsepower with a 2.0L 4-cylinder in the Corsair. All-wheel-drive is standard in Canada, and $42,630 for AWD in the Reserve Corsair and $44,675 USD for AWD in the Nautilus.

Lincoln doesn’t want you to hear the power but feel it, and I would say either the Corsair and the Nautilus delivered on this.

As for Drive Mode options, the Nautilus offers Comfort, Normal and Sport and in the Corsair: Normal, Excite, Conserve, Slippery and Deep. The gear buttons are different on each too, with ‘Piano Key’ shifter on the Corsair and the oblong side buttons on the Nautilus. I liked them both, and this would not be a deciding factor for me although I feel again like the Corsair is a tad more modern and young-feeling.

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Corsair Tail View

Lincoln Corsair rearview. Photo: Connie Peters

Some New Tech in the Corsair isn’t in the Nautilus

Corsair, as the newest addition to the Lincoln Crossover and SUV lineup, got the latest of the latest in tech. Using the Lincoln Way app you can use your mobile device as the key for the vehicle. I tried this feature out in San Francisco last fall and I’ll admit, it’s pretty sweet! Having said that the Nautilus doesn’t offer this, you still get the Lincoln Way’s app functionalities like using it to remote start and check on your vehicle’s stats and activate WIFI, just not the Phone As Key functionality.

Lincoln Corsair Nameplate

Lincoln nameplate only on the side, not on the back of the cars. Photo: Connie Peters

If USB Ports are a Dealbreaker…

Another difference if you’re going to have in the back for rear passengers is that there are no rear USB ports in the Nautilus but there are in the Corsair.

Both the Nautilus and Corsair offer wireless charging pads, 13-speaker Revel audio sound systems with an available upgrade, Apple CarPlay, Waze and Android Auto compatibility, and a beautiful panoramic sunroof.

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Are the Safety Features Matched in the Nautilus and Corsair?

Yes! Both the Corsair and the Nautilus come standard with Lincoln Co-Pilot360 which includes blind-spot detection, cross-traffic alert, automatic emergency braking, pre-collision assist, pedestrian detection, dynamic brake support, forward collision warning, lane-keeping assist, automatic high beams, and a rearview camera.

You can also add Lincoln Co-Pilot36 Plus which provides additional and enhanced technologies including a 360-degree camera, active park assist plus, evasive steering assist, reverse brake assist and adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assist, which includes stop-and-go and lane centering, as well as speed sign recognition.

Nautilus Versus Corsair

Corsair door seat adjustment buttons. Photo: Connie Peters

At a Glance

  USD MPG Cargo Space Horsepower
Corsair $35,945.00 24-25 28 245
Nautilus $41,040.00 22-23 37 250

Nautilus versus Corsair, which one’s for you?

While both are lovely, personally, I would opt for the Corsair. I like that it offers the latest innovations in technology, superior comfort, and interior styling and lower price point (though not by much), and I might even wait for the Grand Touring Plug-in Hybrid to make it’s appearance later this year!

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