2022 Grand Wagoneer Lives Up to the Hype of Luxury and Capability

Grand Wagoneer Featured Image
Grand Wagoneer Featured Image

Don’t let its good looks fool you; this SUV is powerful.

We were ecstatic to check out the all new 2022 Grand Wagoneer, a luxurious 3-row sport utility vehicle that is fairly new to the market and, made by Jeep, marks the brand’s return to the world of capable top-shelf luxury. As luxe as it is, this SUV is ready for action: towing, the red carpet, picky passengers, road trips and even water fording – should you be so adventurous.

You can see just how full of luxury this 3 row suv is:

A Beautiful But Muscular Luxury SUV

Proving its muscle, the Grand Wagoneer can tow up to 9,800 lbs, when properly equipped. And, there is power galore, from the 6.4L V8 engine that produces 471 horsepower, to the off road system that can drive through water–up to 2 feet– if you’re brave and want to take your six-figure ($88K-$115K) luxury family SUV off-road. *Some of us* need a luxury car that can handle pretty much anything we can throw at it, from slippery winter roads to sandy summer getaways. For those with a healthy budget, the Grand Wagoneer Series III may be the ticket.

The Series III I drove for the day had beautiful silver paint, black roof and optional 22″ wheels. And, it had power everything. Every now and then I’m surprised when a luxury car has one option that may not be electric when the rest of the car is (third row seats, I’m looking at you).

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Climate Control Screen. Photo: Connie Peters

Climate Control screen. Photo: Connie Peters

Effortlessness, Thanks to Wireless AppleCarPlay

There is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. I love the wireless connectivity paired with the familiarity of my phone. It makes transitioning to the Grand Wagoneer’s multi-media system so easy. And, the multi media system is no slouch–it may make you want to forget Apple CarPlay altogether. The Grand Wagoneer has a 12″ touchscreen to view entertainment and navigation, entertainment, off road  systems and more. There is another touchscreen below the 12″ screen to manage the climate control system and seating.

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Grand Wagoneer Family Camera. Photo: Connie Peters

2022 Grand Wagoneer FamCam. Photo: Connie Peters

Screens for everyone, even the front seat passenger

But the coolest feature of all is the passenger side screen. Yes, for the front passenger! But what is so cool about this screen in particular is that the passenger can also use it to co-pilot, managing multiple tasks such as music and navigation. Whatever choices the passenger makes will pop up on the main screen for the driver to approve. So for example, my passenger and I are going to our friend’s house. I realize I have our friend’s old address. My passenger can enter the proper address on their screen and then send it over to the main screen once the location has been determined. All I have to do is accept the new location in the pop-up window on the main screen. It’s one of those cool features you didn’t know you needed.

The front passenger can also stream shows from their phone via a HDMI port and can manage rear seat entertainment systems– a brilliant way to keep the kids entertained but keep an eye on what they are watching at the same time.

Handily, the driver can’t see the passenger screen from their seating position, so it isn’t distracting.

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Passenger Entertainment Screen. Photo: Connie Peters

Passenger entertainment screen. Photo: Connie Peters

All the Seating is Fantastic for All the Passengers.

The second row in the Grand Wagoneer Series III is a haven for additional passengers. With captions chairs and a giant console between them for storage, passengers will be very comfortable. There is also a screen to manage the HVAC. There is also an optional entertainment system with Amazon Fire installed. The only hiccup is that the only way to get through to the third row is to tip the second row seat forward–no passing through the center of the seats like with typical captain’s chairs. However, the third row feels more like a typical second row with lots of leg room and seats that are set at a nice height so even tall passengers will be comfortable. Think stadium seating. There are also amenities like a dedicated third row sunroof and USB and USB-C chargers.

Connie And The Grand Wagoneer. Photo: Connie Peters

Me in the Grand Wagoneer. Photo: Connie Peters

How Does It Drive?

The Grand Wagoneer feels big behind the wheel because it is big: Just over 214″ long, 94″ wide and 75″ tall. But with 471 horsepower V8 engine, it manages its own weight plus anyone and anything you put in it just fine. In case that is not enough, you can opt for a 6-cylinder twin turbo engine that will give you 510 horsepower (a $2,000 upgrade). Surprisingly, the V8 can tow a little bit more than the 6-cylinder (9,850 with the V8 compared to 9,750 with the 6-cylinder). So there is plenty of power for daily driving, even when you need to put the pedal down for some highway acceleration. But because of its size, you will likely be grateful for the parking assist system, backup cameras and surround view cameras, lane keeping, and many  other driver-assist features.

Pricing for the 2022 Grand Wagoneer starts at $88,000 USD/ $100,000 CAD for the base model. The Series III I tested (which is the most luxurious trim with upgraded wheels, rear entertainment system, and a towing package added on) was $115,000 USD/$130,000 CAD.

Disclosure: Jeep provided the Grand Wagoneer Series III for this test drive; all opinions are my own.

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