It’s Prime Day and We’re Going Shopping

We love Prime Day: Get what you need for summer and get a start on Fall back to school shopping. Here's our list for the car, and time we spend in it.

Bento Box For Kids Lunches
Bento box for kids lunches. Photo: Amazon

Time to knock out that wishlist of things for the car.

Yes, I’d rather spend Prime Day scouting out cute beach coverups, nifty kitchen gadgets and bargains on 14k gold, but really, I need to get my car act together. 

As much as I still LOVE the roll-up drying rack for my kitchen sink that I got during the pandemic, or finding deals on a matching leash and collar set for my pup, there is someone else in my life begging for some Amazon love: my car. 

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What is Prime Day? 

It’s that other day of the year that your Prime membership pays for itself – and yes, you do need a Prime membership to take advantage of the bargains. Amazon’s vendors are encouraged to discount their best items for a sort of Christmas-in-July event. And, turns out, a lot of people find a lot of good deals on things they need. 

Including me. My poor car has been crying out for attention — sunshades, a better vacuum, a trunk organizer— so my list is made. But wondering what other things I might find useful, I asked a few friends for ideas, consulted my family and made a shopping list for Prime Day. 

Here are some great deals— some specifically for Prime Day, others merely discounted this time of year, many with coupons that reduce the price and others, well, just all around good deals, to make time in the car better, cleaner and more pleasant this summer. 

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Prime Day Deals to Clean and Protect Your Car

Detail Vacuum Cleaner

Detail vacuum cleaner. Photo: Amazon

Cordless vacuum

Oh the freedom of being able to vacuum without a cord wrapping around your ankles, getting into the crevices between the seats with a concentrator attachment, the joy of plugging it in when you’re done and letting it recharge. Keep this one in your garage for quick, handy cleanups.

 Shop cordless vacuums here.

Car Detailing Vacuum

If the nooks and crannies in your car make you crazy for the tiny little things that seem to settle in there, try this: A detail vacuum (and don’t forget to click the coupon!) 

Shop detailing vacuums here

Trunk Organizer

Trunk organizer. Photo: Amazon

Trunk Organizers

Keep that clean trunk nice and neat with a new trunk organizer. We like these that collapse to make room when you don’t need them.

Shopt trunk organizers here

Windshield Sun Shade

I noticed something horrific when I moved to Texas: Parking in the direct sun all day damaged my car’s electronics. After a while, it was harder to see the displays. Now, my car was older, but if I’d had one of these I could have prevented sun damage. And, never get into a car with hot seats again! 

Shop windshield shades here

Prime Day Deals to Make Your Car a Peaceful Haven

Apple Ipad

Apple iPad. Photo: Amazon

Apple iPad

We are really excited about this deal. Not because we love iPads, but because we can toss one into the back seat at crabby passengers and magically they become quiet, happy and settled for long road trips. And when we get to the beach and it’s raining, it’s a bonus to have each kiddo have her own iPad to play with until the sun comes out again.

Shop Apple iPads here

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones. Photo: Amazon

Wireless headphones 

This goes hand in hand with the iPad: Wireless headphones so each viewer gets her own sound. And, there’s the precious bonus of hearing her sing along without the Elsa’s accompaniment. Or maybe not. 

Shop wireless headphones here

Bento Box For Kids Lunches

Bento box for kids lunches. Photo: Amazon

Bento-style Lunch Boxes

I loved sending my kids to school with a box of nicely portioned lunch snacks and staples; these prevent sandwich squishing and chips from getting soggy when packed with sliced apples. And, they travel nicely! 

Shop Bento boxes here

Joy For the Road 

Beach Canopy With Sand Bag Pockets On The Corners

Beach canopy with sand bag pockets on the corners. Photo: Amazon

Beach Canopy 

This may be one of my all-time favorite packable vacation toys: The beach canopy with sand pockets. Just pop the frame into place and fill the corner pockets with sand and voila, you’re covered with shade all day. 

Shop beach canopies here

Insulated Water Bottles

What better time to stock on up these great things? Use them for vacation and then you’ll have them for back to school sports and backpacks. 

Shop water bottles here

Plug In Cooler/Warmer

Plug in cooler/warmer. Photo: Amazon

Plug-in Coolers 

We love these for the amount they can carry because … no ice needed! 

Shop plug in coolers here

I love prime day for its double duty: Still get those things you need for summer, and get a head start on back to school shopping. 

Happy Prime Day hunting! 

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