These are the 9 Things We’re Buying on Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day

Prime DayYour car, your budget and your passengers will thank you.

I’ve been an Amazon Prime devotee for years. At first I resisted because of the price, which has gone up to $139 a year from $89 when it was first introduced. But considering the ease of ordering, a near perfect record of on-time delivery, great prices and the ability to return almost anything for free, it’s the equivalent of having a warehouse at your doorstep, especially this year for Prime Day, which requires a Prime membership and runs from July 12-13. 

Once I acquiesced and joined the Prime revolution, I used my membership to furnish dorm rooms, gift distant family at holiday time and order necessities during the pandemic. This made me even more grateful for Amazon.

Amazon Prime is coming in pretty handy during this summer’s Prime Day, July 12-13. As we all know, prices are going up on everything, and with life returning to normal, it’s nice to be able to get the things you want and need without overpaying. That’s the beauty of Prime Day: Discounts on thousands of items that make July feel a bit like Christmas.  

You do have to be a Prime member to participate; if you’re not maybe this is the time to bite the bullet. Here are the 9 things I’ll be adding to my cart on Tuesday. 

Amazon Prime Day Car Cover

Amazon basics car cover. Photo: Amazon

Car Cover

I can’t stand how dirty my car is these days, but with Western droughts and dry reservoirs, I also can’t stand to wash it. This is a good solution for those work at home days when I don’t need to go anywhere, or when I’m traveling; I can cover my car and keep it dirt free. 

Amazon basics car cover, 13% off at $41.80

Amazon Prime Day Trunk Organizer

Drive foldable car trunk organizer. Photo: Amazon

Foldable Trunk Storage Organizer

Dog toys for a jaunt the the park; sunscreen and a cap for a quick trip to the beach; reusable shopping bags; I love to leave things in the car for when I’ll need them, but invariably they end up in a tangled mess. An organizer not only keeps things neat and easy to reach, but it leaves the rest of the trunk open for groceries, luggage and other things. 

Drive foldable trunk organizer, 13% off at $25.99

Amazon Prime Day Window Shades

Kinderfluff window shades. Photo: Amazon

Window Shades

If you’re not lucky enough to have window shades built into your rear passenger windows, these are a good option to keep the sun off your precious littles; they’ll be more comfortable and won’t have the sun in their eyes.

Kinderfluff Car Window Shades, 43% off at $14.86

Amazon Prime Day Car Vacuum

Car Worx vacuum set. Photo: Amazon

Car Vacuum 

With attachments for all the crevices! All those hard to reach spots, like the seat bight, the console trim and the 

This Worx Car Vacuum, 26% off at $29.50

Amazon Prime Day

Chuck-It dog toy. Photo: Amazon

Chuck-It Ball Launcher 

I love this classic fetch toy for a dog. You can pick up a slobbery tennis ball and toss it across the yard or across the park and your dog, if he’ll fetch, can run for hours retrieving and returning the ball. And, then, leave it in your in car organizing bin for next time. 

42% off at $8.72

Amazon Prime Day Britax Stroller

Britax B Free Stroller. Photo: Amazon

Britax B Free Stroller

They had me at one hand fold. This easy to use 3 wheel stroller is lightweight, agile and has storage underneath. If it’s time to replace the stroller or move up to a true toddler model, this is a good option. 

Britax B Free Stroller, 48% off at $209.99

Amazon Prime Day

Baby Trend Secure Snap infant car seat. Photo: Amazon

Infant Car Seat

Deals on these can be hard to find, but if you know you’ll need one soon, this is a good deal and it receives very good reviews— 4.5 stars with 957 reviews. Includes portable infant seat and base.

Baby Trend Secure Snap infant car seat, 22% off at $116.99

Amazon Prime Day

EvenFlo Everyfit Convertible Car Seat. Photo: Amazon

Convertible Child Car Seat

This seat is versatile in that it can accommodate children from 4 lbs. to 65 lbs., can be installed rear facing and then turned around to face the front when the child reaches the ideal weight (40 lbs.). Even though technically you can use these seats for infants, they are more popular for children aged 6 months to 6 years. 

EvenFlo EveryFit 4 in 1 Convertible Car Seat, 10% off at $188.49

There are more deals, of course. This is also a good time to shop for tires, camping equipment and backpacks for back to school, and you’ll find lots of discounts on them all. 

Happy Prime Day! 

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