A Fashion Emergency Kit In Your Car Will Keep Wardrobe (and Hair, and Other) Malfunctions At Bay

Cute Sewing Kit. Photo: Annie Spratt On Unsplash
Cute sewing kit. Photo: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Wardrobe or hair malfunction away from home?

A fashion emergency kit can save the day, especially when you’re away from home. You know the drill: you’re headed to a wedding when suddenly, a button pops off your date’s shirt pops. While trying to figure out how to help, you realize that your overpriced up-do begins to loosen. You start to panic and now you’re a sweaty mess. What to do? Bust out your trusty fashion emergency kit!

If you don’t already have one in the car, no worries. It’s not something most people think about. As a journalist who has attended many events, this is a tip I picked up along the way after many instances of needing some random fixing. To save the time, money and energy, I decided to make a fashion emergency kit for the car. Here’s what’s inside of my fasion emergency kit. 

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Prioritize a Sewing Kit

First, I made sure to include a sewing kit for all the buttons, rips and adjustments. If you never learned to sew a button, you may want to learn now. A sewing kit has come in handy so many times for me. Whether it’s for a loose button, tear, or adjusting my kid’s swimsuit straps, it’s been a real lifesaver. 

Scrunchies Can Be A Reliable Part Of Your Fashion Emergency Kit! Photo: Alexandra Tran On Unsplash

Scrunchies can be a reliable part of your fashion emergency kit! Photo: Alexandra Tran on Unsplash

Next, Think About Personal Grooming

For hair touch ups, bobby pins, hair ties, hair spray, a hair brush and root touch up spray are a must. Maybe it’s hot out and you desperately need to tie your hair… or maybe a rainy day meeses up your do. Even worse, you realize your roots are showing- these hair products will come to the rescue! 

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Don’t Forget the Deodorant and Wipes for Freshening Up

The worst thing that can happen as you head to an event is … B.O. Pack some deodorant or refreshing wipes to make sure you’re not the smelly guest at the party. The last thing you want to be known for is being stinky. 

Tory Burch Travel Ballet Flat Driving Shoes

Tory Burch travel ballet flat make great driving shoes. Photo: Tory Burch

Keep an Extra Pair of Shoes in the Trunk

Broken heel? Horrendous blisters from those too-new strappy shoes? I actually carry a few pairs of extra shoes in the trunk. A pair of gym shoes, flip flops and heels. And yes, I have had to change them out. 

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Fashion tape is the Band-Aid of Wardrobe Malfunctions

If you’re wearing a low cut top or dress, fashion tape will make everything stay in place. It’s double-sided so it sticks to both the skin and the garment. Safety pins are great for quick fixes, too. 


For Stray Hairs…

Be sure to include a pair of tweezers, mini scissors, and a razor. We’ve all had that moment. The one where you look in the car mirror (with all the natural lighting) and spot stray eyebrow hairs. Tip: Tweezers also come in handy to remove splinters. And scissors to remove loose threads. 

In case Aunt Flo decides to show up…

It’s a good idea to include feminine products and even a change of under garments for those surprise visits. If not for you, you may end up saving a girlfriend. Tip: Pads can come in handy when a person is wounded, too.  

Got pets? Leave their memories (and pet hair) at home. Pack a lint roller to clean up.

Pet hair can be a quick miss before leaving the house. But when you get to the car, you see it all, especially when wearing black. Include a lint roller in your fashion emergency kit to avoid hairy clothes!


Finally, Be Prepared for the Paparazzi!

Pack some floss and listerine strips to get your pearly whites ready for the camera. 

I hope my hard-learned lessons help you to be prepared for your next emergency. Or that you’ll benefit from the flip side of Murphy’s law: if you have them on hand you’ll never need them! 

Lillie Morales is an entrepreneur mama- writer, photographer, and an Editor at AGirlsGuidetoCars.com. She loves fast, pretty cars- ones... More about Lillie Morales