Globetrot? Road Trip? Our Tarotscope Can Help You Plan Your Travels, for Summer and Beyond

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Use the tarot and your astrological sign to create the perfect summer hang.

There is big energy this summer surrounding the completion of a phase, an event, or a cycle and the brewing energy of what’s coming next. The energy might come up differently for each sign, but know that this time is an invitation to recharge, celebrate, and plan for what’s next. Read for both your sun and rising signs (read more about rising signs here!) for a more well-rounded message for your summer ahead.

Horoscope Imagery. Photo: Josh Rangel On Unsplash

Horoscopes can help you decide where to go and what to do. Photo: Josh Rangel on unsplash

Some of you Should get out of Town, Some of you Should keep it Close to Home

And here’s how to know, based on your sign.

Well hello there, Cancer!

You have the green light from the Universe to kidnap your significant other and go someplace secluded, romantic, or/and that connects to the story of the two of you. Don’t pack the itinerary with lots of things to do or see, either! This is a getaway to enjoy a change of scenery and quiet time together. Plan to play games, talk, cuddle, and take your relationship to the next level. Pack your bags with the least amount of clothing as possible and enjoy reconnecting with the love of your life. Go get your sexy on!

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Leo, summer is your season

Summer energy is asking you to move forward. You had to make some decisions recently and it’s time to take the steps forward to start building the foundation of what’s next for you. Before you do so, the Universe wants you to take a notebook and yourself into nature to ground your vision into action steps. Find your favorite or a new hiking trail and plan to walk amongst the trees, think and let the answers come to you, and end with a picnic and some journaling. Remember to take your shoes and socks off and stand barefoot on Mama Earth. Make this as simple as a day trip to go hiking or a grounding weekend getaway.

This summer season is all about family and transformation for you, Virgo

You have been going through a very interesting time of releasing certain things in your life and starting new ways of being that almost feel like an entire transformation of yourself and your life is taking place. The Universe wants you to connect to your roots and your family; both the one that you come from as well as the one that you are building for yourself. It’s a great opportunity for you to connect to the earth and the trees. So, get in your car and plan to go somewhere you can plant a tree (remember to set intentions for the roots that you are growing in your life) or plan a camping trip surrounded by trees!

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You’ve been busy Libra

You’ve been working building strong and abundant foundations for your family in the present, but also for the future. It feels like sort of a completion time right now in your life. Take time to celebrate your accomplishments before getting ready for what’s next. Allow yourself to rest and dream the new dreams that you’re going to manifest. I see you taking a summer road trip to visit family or the people that feel like family. However, this time is not so much about being a tourist and partying it up as it is a way for you to connect to the people that inspire you and bring you peace while allowing time to rest, sleep, and decompress before the next cycle. Remember to pack your dream journal!

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It has been go, go, go for you, Scorpio

It’s time to slow down and attune to your body, mind, and heart. Remove unnecessary things from your to-do list and spend an afternoon or weekend day trying a new healing modality like a sound bath experience. Make it a fun and relaxing day out by inviting a friend and grabbing something healthy and nourishing before or after your session. Make sure to continue your healing practices for the rest of the summer! Even if it’s just once a month. Go all out by booking a wellness retreat someplace not too far from home, but far enough for a fun little summer road trip.

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Feeling confused, Sagittarius

There seems to be confusion in your life at the moment and it is okay to not really have the answers. Ground yourself and find some healing for both the body and mind with the help of tea. Whatever your ailments… physical, mental, or spiritual there is a tea for that! So the Universe is encouraging you to find the most awesome tea shop, tea experience, and/or tea place around you and go explore. This could be a great experience to connect to the ritual, peace, and nourishing energy of having tea and discover some new varieties to add to your cupboard at home or gift to someone special this season.

Tarot Cards. Photo: Petr Sidorov On Unsplash

Tarot cards in conjunction with your horoscope can direct you to the right kind of vacation vibe. Photo: petr sidorov on Unsplash

Life is all about balance, Capricorn

If you are feeling a little bit flustered, unbalanced, or in some way ungrounded this is a great opportunity to take an afternoon for yourself and get your zen on at the spa or salon. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure (especially the latter for that grounding factor!). Another alternative? Make it a full day at the spa or a weekend road trip to a spa hotel somewhere. We know you love making plans, Capricorn, so get to it!

Protect your magic and energy, Aquarius 

You are a very out-of-the-box thinking sign and the Universe is asking you at this moment in time to tap into that creativity. Take yourself somewhere where you can plug back into yourself and disconnect from the world for a bit. Find someplace quiet where you can drive to and practice meditation. If you already have a meditation practice, maybe find a cool place you haven’t been for a meditation class or experience. Maybe there is a meditation retreat happening nearby? Look it up, make plans, and get ready to harness and clear your energetic field.

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You are so intuitive, Pisces

You are so connected to that inner voice of yours and that is such a beautiful thing. The Universe wants you to take yourself out for a movie night! What are movies coming out this summer pique your interest? Follow your intuition and pick one (or three!). There are lessons, messages, and new perspectives that are waiting for you there that you can take into your own life. Movies can show us the world through the eyes of another and that helps expand us. Drive back home after your movie and journal about anything that came up for you that you can apply to your own life.

Aries, my love, you need to heal

This is the summer of healing for you and a great way to do that is by connecting to your inner voice, your intuition, your emotions, and your heart. A way of achieving this is by connecting to the moon’s cycles. The moon is associated with intuition and the process of setting intentions, building momentum, celebrating, and releasing before a new cycle begins. In what energy is your life? Let the moon guide your steps forward in connection with your Higher Self. This summer… maybe plan a trip to go stargazing during a new moon to connect to your intentions for the future. Plan a weekend trip during the full moon somewhere you can see it shine and allow yourself to use its light to heal and breathe it out.

You have been hard at work manifesting, Taurus

You have been creating and blessing yourself and others with a whole bunch of abundance. However, with all that work, grounding, and manifestation comes feelings of tiredness, even soreness! This is a great opportunity to book yourself a massage or maybe an entire weekend of pampering. Get in your car and go get your relaxation on so you can keep producing the way you’ve been doing so!

Gemini, this is your season to shine.

You might have already reached or be about to reach an important milestone and it’s time to celebrate. The universe is asking you to get some friends together and have fun celebrating. Make it a day out of shopping, an activity like seeing a play or going karaoke, dinner, and then going home to relax by taking a bath. While shopping, make sure to treat yourself to any products you can use to cleanse, purify, enjoy, and luxuriate in a bath. Acknowledging your accomplishments, celebrating them, and taking a pause to recharge is important to have the energy and enthusiasm to continue on your next adventure.

Good summer energy and travels put us in the mood for Fall road tripping … so we are getting our tarot ready to help you make the most of it!

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