Protect Your Car with Crystals? Yes, You Can!

We love crystals for their beauty and good vibes, at home and on our accessories; here's where to place them in your car for positivity and protection.

Protect Your Car With Crystals

These pretty, sparkly wonders can bring good vibes to the car, too.

Many of us wear crystals or carry them to infuse our personal energy. We add them to our homes for good vibes. But we can also use them in our cars for extra positivity and protection. But which of the variety of crystals and gemstones can be used for this? And where in your car should you put them?

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Protect Your Car With Crystals

?Carla Ortiz

Prepping to Protect Your Car with Crystals

The first step in setting up the energy of your car with crystals is to wash and clean it. Carve out some time to wash your car, empty it from any unnecessary belongings, wipe your dashboard down, and vacuum it. Then, grab some sage and energetically cleanse both the inside and outside of your car. It always helps to say a few positive words to infuse your car with the energy that you want. Say things like “only positive people get in my car.” “I travel safely no matter where I go,” “any negativity sent my way is repelled.” Then,  get ready to place your crystals in your car in strategic places depending on their purposes and energy.

Tip: It’s also a good idea to cleanse and charge your crystals before placing them in your car. You should also do this every couple of months.

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Protect Your Car With Crystals

?Carla Ortiz

What Crystals to Use and Where to Place Them

Black Tourmaline

This black stone can be placed underneath the driver’s seat to protect yourself or anyone driving. It will also help repel any negative energy thrown your way protecting you from the road rage from others.


This white crystal can be placed underneath the passenger’s seat to cleanse the vibrations of anyone joining you.

Clear Quartz

This quartz stone can be placed in the center console of your car to surround your car with a protective shield of white light. This shield will create a positive vibration around your vehicle. This is a very powerful crystal perfect to charge with your road intentions and protection affirmations.


This purple stone can be added to your glove compartment for safety. This stone is known to promote safe travels while helping your car run smoothly.

Smoky Quartz

This quartz stone is great to ground you while driving and transforming any negativity into positive energy. It also relaxes your mind and guards you when in dark and remote places. Add it to a spiral gemstone keychain.

Protect Your Car With Crystals

?Carla Ortiz

Ready, Set, Charge!

If you’re curious about crystals, now’s a great time to learn! They are so much fun to collect and work with. Make sure to take your crystals out of the car every three months to cleanse and charge to keep their energy in optimal condition.

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