Crystals for Your Summer Road Trip

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Your guide to using crystals to help your travels go safely and smoothly.

The summer season is officially here and with it, our sense of adventure gets activated.  We are all about packing our bags and loading them into our cars to embark on a fun summer road trip someplace new. We always have crystals in our vehicles to protect us, our energy, and our cars on a day-to-day basis. However, when it comes to traveling long distances, we like to bring extra crystals that connect us to our sense of adventure and make our travels more peaceful and high vibe. These are some of our favorites!

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A Green Fluorite Crystal. Photo Carla Ortiz


Green Fluorite is your road trip wingman 

This stone is great to keep your mind clear and at peace during traffic. It’ll aid your brain in quickly figuring out what to do in sudden and stressful situations. We like to keep this in our car for mental focus, enhance fast decision making, and radiate calming vibrations to support you along your travels.

Can The Right Combination Of Crystals Lend Good Energy For Successful Travels This Summer?

Can the right combination of crystals lend good energy for successful travels this summer? Photo: Carla Ortiz

Tiger’s Eye (Especially Red) will give you the courage you need to explore new places 

 Tiger’s Eye combines the energy of the earth and the sun, helping you to stay grounded while promoting enthusiasm for exploring new places. This stone enhances concentration, making it a perfect stone for traveling.  Tiger’s Eye also promotes courage, releases fears, and protects against negativity. Its uplifting vibe will help you feel refreshed and full of energy even after a long drive.

Tiger’s Eye On The Dashboard Keeps An Eye Out For A Good Summer Road Trip. Photo Carla Ortiz

TIGER’S EYE ON THE DASHBOARD keeps an eye out for a good summer road trip. PHOTO: CARLA ORTIZ

Positive vibes only for the Smokey Quartz crystal

This is an outstanding crystal for grounding and transmuting any negative energy in or around the car into positive energy. Smokey Quartz will protect you from erratic drivers and uptight travelers. If you are driving through unknown territory, it will aid you in staying relaxed and connecting to a calming sense of awareness to help you navigate through it.

Crystals In The Car Can Help Keep You Calm And Clear-Headed. Photo Carla Ortiz


Inspirational crystals for the win

For anyone who is prone to motion sickness, this is the stone to grab. It is a fantastic stone for preventing nausea and settling your nerves. White Howlite will work as a guardian angel, inspiring your travels and road trips with peace, comfort, and enthusiasm.

Malachite Is A Guardian Stone. Photo Carla Ortiz


A guardian stone? Yes, please. 

This is one of the best crystals to carry with you on a road trip. It is considered the guardian stone for travelers. Malachite warns you against accidents by relaxing you and opening your heart center. Its soothing energy will surround you with love, helping you feel safe, grounded, and calm during your whole trip.

These crystals take protection while traveling up a notch from the base crystals you might already have in your car. If you are new to crystals in your car, you can check out this article for more on this and on what crystals to always keep in your car. The key to crystals is creating an atmosphere in your car of clarity, peace, and protection no matter how long your drive is.

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