Miami Auto Show: Is There Be a Better Time (Or Place?) To Buy a Car?

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If you need a reason to go to Miami this week (and really, do you NEED a reason?) and if you need something to do while you’re there (because  you have to take a break from the sun and Mojitos), you’re in luck.

Miami Auto Show

This week is the Miami International Auto Show. The show is held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, a huge expo space right in the center of everything South Beach.

The show features the debut of many new car models, some fun and games (designed for the kid in you, or your kids), a Camaro giveaway (yes, you can win a Camaro at the car show!), some local celebrichefs cooking up savory dishes, ride and drive events every day, and some great car shopping. Because shopping for cars all on one floor really beats driving around town to see them all.

There might never be a better time to buy a car than now.

Pretty much all manufacturers have upped their game, loading their models with luxuries and technology at competitive prices. That means that all the things you hear about—rear view cameras, connected phone systems, voice activated navigation and phone, panoramic sun roof, leather seating, blind spot detectors, lane departure warnings—are either standard or a modest upgrade in price.

What we loved at the Miami Auto Show: 

Nissan Rogue Now Has A Third Row Option

Nissan Rogue now has a third row option

The redesigned Nissan Rogue with a third row. A cute, agile, non-mom SUV that can now accommodate two extra kids when you need to shuttle your daughter and her friends to a birthday party? Yes, please.

Nissan calls the Rogue’s third row a “convenience” row not a comfort row, and of course, its not for every day driving, but for when you need it. But when you need it, you NEED it. Thank you, Nissan. (Base price $22,490)


The Mazda 3 Hatchback Combines The Brand'S Great Drive Experience With Hatchback Space And Function

The Mazda 3 hatchback combines the brand’s great drive experience with hatchback space and function






Mazda’s redesigned 3 series hatchback.

Available all decked out in leather and luxury, or subdued and more affordable, Mazdas have always been about the drive experience (hence the slogan “Zoom Zoom”), but recently they’ve focused on on upping the passenger amenities that enhance the drive experience, adding things like heads up display (which beams driver information onto the windshield in the driver’s field of vision); a command center knob that controls media, climate and more and displays on the console screen; and the company’s SkyActiv technology that puts oomph in your MPG. (Base price $18,900)

The Smart Car from Mercedes and Swatch.

Wait, what? Swatch + Mercedes? Yes. We had no idea until we saw this cute little pink and purple Smart car and went to ask.  Smart stands for Swatch Mercedes Art, and with panel packages you can switch out the car’s panels to create your own mobile art. (Base price $12,500)

The Camp Jeep Off-Road Course At The Miami Auto Show

The Camp Jeep off-road course at the Miami Auto Show

Camp Jeep

If you need a bit more road-ready ruggedness, the full compliment of newly redesigned Jeeps are on display, both on the show floor and at the Camp Jeep off road course that show attendees can ride through; you hop into a Jeep, traverse ruddy roads, amble over logs, hit a 30 degree sideways incline and climb a roller-coaster worthy hill. All in a Jeep. If you just want to admire the Alfa Romeo-inspired design of the Jeeps, which all have beautiful new lines and are filled with luxuries inside, you can see the full line inside the show. (Base price of the Jeep Cherokee: $22,900)

Toyota Named This Tundra Edition For The Heritage Of Its Assembly Plant, Built On The Site Of The Oldest Working Ranch In San Antonio, Texas

Toyota named this Tundra edition for the heritage of its assembly plant, built on the site of the oldest working ranch in San Antonio, Texas




Toyota Tundra

Toyota came to Miami to celebrate its new heritage truck, the 1794 Toyota Tundra. Built in Toyota’s truck manufacturing plant in San Antonio, Texas, the truck is called 1794 because the plant stands on the ground of the oldest working ranch in Texas, built in 1794. With a double cab, comfortable seating for five and luxury touches including leather, a touch screen media system and plenty of USB outlets, Tundra is part of a new class of trucks that are built to not only conquer rough ground and heavy hauling, but offer a comfortable and functional work space for owners who need to work while on the road. (Base price $44,270)


The First Family Friendly Super Luxury Car? The Ferrari Ff Has Room For Four Plus Some Nice Storage In Its Hatch

The first family friendly super luxury car? The Ferrari FF has room for four plus some nice storage in its hatch

Also worth seeing: The Mercedes Benz CLA, the luxury automaker’s first entry-level luxury car, priced at just under $30,000 (about $32,000 nicely loaded, and really, a steal of a car); the Ferrari FF—the FF stands for Ferrari Four because it’s a four seat car, but should stand for Ferrari Family—featuring the brand’s iconic look and V12 performance, a hatchback that creates room for groceries or luggage, and the rear seats fold down for extra cargo space (it’s a nice little wagon at about $302,000); and the Auto Show’s Best in Show car, the new Chevrolet Impala, and the official Show Car the 2014 Corvette Stingray.

Take At Break At The Auto Show With A Simulator Drive At The State Farm Garage

Take at break at the auto show with a simulator drive at the State Farm Garage

State Farm Garage

While you’re there, don’t miss the State Farm Garage, which creates fun and safety information including a drive simulator, a close up look at their Emergency Patrol truck, and some giveaways; Ford’s space-age hydraulic drive simulator, and a drive simulator at the Mazda booth. At the show’s Memory Lane you can see vintage vehicles, and on Millionaire’s Alley you can see cars from Aston Martin, Ferrari, Maserati and more.

And then, what you really came for: to drive some cars. Ride and drive events include 2014 models from Buick, Chevy, Cadillac, Chrysler, Hyundai, Mazda, Kia, Scion, Toyota, and Volkswagen.

Miami International Auto Show, November 8-17, 2013, Miami Beach Convention Center; Tickets are $12, $6 for children, kids 5 and under are free.

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