The 2014 Chevy Impala: Revamped, Vamped Up and Sexy

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Last year Chevrolet unveiled the 2014 Impala, and for its efforts and attention in redesigning this classic nameplate, the car received a lot of kudos: the model that had been so badly maligned as an inexpensive rental car staple was given back its style and substance.

We got a close up look and time to play with its technology at a party Chevrolet hosted recently (that is me on the right with Lara DiPaola, photobombing Rick Williams, marketing and branding impresario and sneaker designer).

Here are some of our impressions:


Outfitted with some great technology, including a very clever way to keep your phone hands free–by you AND by your co-opting passengers (for me, that’s my kids)–the Impala’s design team took the opportunity to improve the car wherever they could (thank you Shannon Entin for demonstrating!).

The car’s interior was designed by Crystal Windham, Chevrolet’s chief interior designer (and shatterer of glass cielings: Windham is GM’s first African American female director of design). We got to spend a few minutes in the car with her and here’s what she showed us:

But here is what we LOVED: a headrest that allows you to adjust it for a pony tail! No more moving your seat because you put your hair up! Crystal demonstrates:


Design Details

Here are some more details that we loved:

The lush interior has a lot of handbag-quality details, including a dashboard that is wrapped in leather and a steering wheel with wooden accents;

Door panels that can accommodate a water bottle as well as other stuff;

Door Details

And Bose speakers. Enough said.
SpeakersImpala Rear End

We also love the paint colors that the Impala comes in, which includes the awesome Crystal Red (hmmmm…. wonder if someone we know had any say in that name choice???) in the top photo, and Silver Topaz Metallic (I would paint my house this color if I could, I love it so much).

And the euro-looking exterior with its oversized wheels, flush exhaust pipes and gently flared rear end. Yes, please.

Amanda The DudemomDoesn’t my friend Amanda TheDudeMom look cute with the new Impala?

And last, here’s what we like most about the 2014 Impala: The price. For about $35,000 you get the whole package, including Chevrolet MyLink, a fully-integrated media console with phone apps, navigation, the works. Pricing starts at about $27,000.

Disclosure: Chevrolet threw a fabulous party to introduce us to the 2014 Impala; opinions about the car are purely my own.


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