15 Great Places to Put Your Handbag, Tote Bag or Crossbody Bag in the Car

Honda Odyssey Elite Family Minivan
The Odyssey has the perfect spot for a handdbag on the floor in front of the center console. This cubby has a lip on it sos your handbag doesn't go flying when you round a curve. Photo: Scotty Reiss

The reasons can be superstitious: Don’t put your handbag on the floor or you’ll lose money. They can be practical: You need to reach your tote bag to grab your sunglasses or wallet. The reason can be simply reasonable: When my purse fell on the floor my kids would step on it getting in and out of the car. Not a sensible way to treat a Prada bag, wouldn’t you say?

And then, there’s the safety issue: A handbag on the front passenger’s seat can become a projectile aimed at your head if you’re hit from the side. Luckily, car makers recognize that women buy 65% of all cars and have tried to address this, coming up with some great natural places to put your purse. Being thought of before the car is designed rather than after endears us to that car.

So when you’re shopping for your next car, be sure to look for a great place to put a handbag, such as a tray in front of the console in the Honda Odyssey, above. These are our other favorites, and the cars that sport them.

An Under-console Bin May Be the Best Solution Ever

Handbag Tray Kia Ev9
Scotty Reiss

A Full Size Bin in a Full Size SUV Is Ideal—and You Can Close It!

6 Tips To Be A Better Driver
Scotty Reiss

This Sliding Console May Be The Most Brilliant Handbag Spot Ever

The Amazing Movable Center Console In The Chevrolet Suburban
Scotty Reiss

This Under-Console Bin Is Smaller, But Works Too

The Floating Center Console In The Navigator Creates A Great Place To Put Your Handbag
Scotty Reiss

This Space Was Designed For More Bin, Less Console

The Floating Center Console Leaves A Spacious Cubby For Handbag Storage 2025 Buick Enclave
Scotty Reiss

Thank You, Nissan For a Safe Place to Put My Handbag

The Spot Behind The Passenger'S Seat Was Perfect For My Handbag. Perfect.
Scotty Reiss

Elegant Means Having a Place to Stow a Clutch or Crossbody

The Center Console Now Has More Room And Can Hold A Handbag Lincoln Corsair
Scotty Reiss

A Tiny Nook Is a Great Place to Hide Your Handbag

This Tiny Nook Under The Center Screen Is The Perfect Place To Stow My Crossbody Bag
Scotty Reiss

Tuck Your Crossbody Into This Drawer… and Close it for Privacy

Nissan Ariya Console Drawer Is A Great Place For A Handbag
Scotty Reiss

A Door Pocket That’ll Fit My Handbag? Yes, Please!

2019 Volkswagen Tiguan Storage Handbag
Erica Mueller

Another Sports Car Solution for Holding a Handbag

Toyota Supra
Scotty Reiss

This Detail is So Brilliant We Had to Share It

A Bag Hanger Is Perfect In The Kia Ev9
Scotty Reiss

And Then, There’s The Good Old Go To: The Rear Seat

The Rear Seat In The Ford Mustang Mach-E Rally
Scotty Reiss

When You Can, Buckle Up for Safety!

The Best Place To Put Your Handbag
Scotty Reiss

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