Our 9 Favorite Travel Bags – From Away Luggage, Rimowa and More – for Your Next Road Trip

From travel bags that can pack more (thank you compression panel!) to those that compartmentalize, luxury to budget, our top luggage picks for road trip travel.

Best Luggage For A Road Trip
Packing for a road trip can be stressful if you don't have the right piece of luggage. Photo: Unsplash

Yes, You Can Take it All With You

Are you one of those people who stuff your suitcase so full that you *almost* have to sit on it to zip it closed? Do you pack a month’s worth of clothing for a week-long trip? I get you. I opt to road trip so I’m not limited in what I can pack, and I refuse to check a bag when I fly. I need luggage that travels as heartily as I do.

But even when space is limited, packing does not have to be a stressful task. It may just boil down to having the right gear.

To help you get a head start on holiday travel, we rounded up our favorite top ten bags for packing efficiently and withstanding the rigors of the open road (or, the airplane overhead bin).

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Away Luggage

Wheels featured on Away luggage. Photo: Awaytravel.com

#9 Away Luggage

This brand has changed the world of travel bags. With a lifetime warranty, a compression panel that helps you pack in more and various size options, Away’s bags are as sturdy as they are stylish, available in multiple colors. Away also sells companion pieces from backpacks to cosmetic bags and more. Why are they so popular? The four-wheel design makes them easy to whisk across a hotel lobby or down a driveway, they stack nicely in a car’s cargo area and they built of resilient but slightly pliable polycarbonate, meaning you can get more into one of these than other hard or soft sided bags (ask our founder Scotty Reiss how she knows). Pricing begins around $275.

If you’d like to spend less, there are similar travel luggage options available on Amazon.


Trusted brand, Samsonite. Photo: Amazon

#8 Samsonite

Tried and true, forever faithful and practical, what could possibly go wrong with a Samsonite bag? We all love a brand that puts their products through the all the rigors before putting them on the shelf. Samsonite does just that and has become a brand we have long trusted for just that reason. Prices start at $119.

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Delsey Paris Luggage

Delsey Paris Luggage Photo: Amazon

#7 Delsey Paris

Since 1946, Delsey Paris has focused on creating new products and new functions and easier travel. Fun fact:  This brand is credited with being the first to launch luggage on wheels as well as a telescoping handle and retractable wheels.

Oh, and if you are a Formula 1 fan, you’ll want this: Delsey Paris has a F1 line with emblematic colors that any fan would be proud to own. Pricing for this line ranges from $170-$260.


Rimowa luggage in pink. Photo: Rimowa.com

#6 Rimowa

The epitome of luxury, this brand owned by Louis Vuitton but brings with it the vibe of an era gone by. Rimowa‘s sleek, classic bags look like something I would imagine a modern day Coco Chanel pulling behind her. They are classy, distinctive and innovative. And the have plenty of room too, just in case you pack like Miss Chanel, too. Essential bags begin around $900 but plan to spend more for the consummate Rimowa experience.

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Luggage By Travelpro

Travelpro luggage with extra pockets. Photo: Amazon

#5 Travelpro

This is the true original wheeled bag: Travelpro luggage was invented by an airline pilot who needed to get quickly from one flight to the next with luggage in tow. To this day, this luggage line is designed for people who travel a lot with practical features and premium materials. The result is a suitcase that is not only durable but lightweight.

For road trippers, the Travelpro has convenient pockets for hassle free retrieval of your electronics, and I love their  zip-in organizers that give you versatile ways to customize your packing. Prices range from $145-$639.

Tumi Luggage

The Leger Continental Carry-On by Tumi Photo: Tumi.com

#4 Tumi

Often referred to as the “Apple of luggage,” Tumi combines a little technology with luxury and functionality. Tumi has leather wrapped top and side handles, a sleek design, and stylish practicality, AND a tracer, which means no more lost luggage; all bags come with a Tumi Tracer. This is a feature that helps you locate a lost or stolen piece of luggage and cannot be duplicated. The Tracer will also identify its history should anything go wrong with your Tumi. Prices range from $750-$995.

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Briggs And Riley Luggage

Built-in Tri-fold Garment Folder

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#3 Briggs and Riley

Decisions. Decisions. A Briggs and Riley bag will give you options….. You can purchase a Briggs and Riley Carry-on, Checked luggage, Hard shell luggage or a Soft sided bag.

I’m pretty sure that Clark Kent would insist Lois carry a Briggs and Riley bag. Any of the above mentioned would do. Quick business trip? The Carry-on bag. Road trip warrior? The Checked luggage will hold all of your travel essentials. Date with Superman himself? The Hard shell luggage is constructed out of a three layer polycarbonate material, built to last. A girl’s trip? The Soft sided luggage has a plethora of internal and external pockets. Prices range from $499-$1050.

Bric'S Luggage

Bric’s Bellagio Bag. Photo: Amazon

#2 Bric’s

If ‘Happiness is packing for your next adventure,’ a Bric’s bag is in order. And, it’s fit for a Princess. Kate Middleton is said to be a fan of the brand.

If you want to own a modern piece of luggage with flair, the Bric’s Bellagio bag will cost around $665 and is crafted from Italian leather.

If the high demands of the road are calling, the Porsche line, likely would better suite your needs. Made of water-repellent textured nylon, perhaps this is what Her Royal Highness would tote? It’s a lovely piece of luggage that runs around $699 either way.

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Solgaard Luggage

Solgaard’s ‘Carry-On Closet’ Photo: Solgaard.co

#1 Solgaard

Number one on our list is a Solgaard bag. Who wouldn’t want a “Carry-on closet”?

This bag literally makes packing a breeze and at $345, it’s affordable. These bags have a ‘built-in shelving system’ that allows you to stay organized so packing/traveling does not have to be a frustrating chore. Unique and simple for global citizens everywhere.

The world of luggage has certainly evolved, with lots of unique solutions for every type of traveler. Isn’t it nice to be able to pick a bag based on budget, design and your own specific travel needs?  Now, go out and hit the road!

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